African American Medical Marijuana Cultivation

Just a simple vid of a brotha in his patient based garden. There are Black farmers in the game. Some show there face and some don’t. Either way if you want to …


  1. That's what's up B! How to u keep pests away from your plants? I put one outside once and it was completely eaten in one night by these massive leopard striped slugs in my yard. I seen one that was like four inches long.

  2. Always a pleasure to watch ya videos Nattie.. Good to see your represent for Black Folks…Show the haters that Cannabis users can be, and for the most part are  intelligent, dedicated, resourceful, independent, people.  Good positive images of Black people  who grow their own medicine , and dont have to support prohibition.. or over priced dispensary's . Lots of knowledge of horticulture to be gained from growing something you use regularly. 

  3. How many plants do you grow at a time? Indoor and outdoor. Also, how many people are working on your grow? Or is it just you? Thanks for the vid by the way, keep doin you.

  4. Is this a guerrilla or stealth grow? Or do u have a card? If the case is the former how do u deal with the paranoia? I live in jersey and somebody just snitched on a guy doing this. His setup was similar to yours

  5. After working in two private juvenile prison with as much as 80% black   you need to put  the same amount of effort in education the black community to get out the vote and end prohibition.  sorry for the rant

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