1. It did for me at 14 what Ritalin couldn't do for me at 4 years old or so. I don't like the names of strains like the days of old. I'm 55 now. Marijuanna I hear are saving lives with Vets coming home. ✌

  2. Don't you just love how doctors think of themselves as gods? It is NOT TRUE that we are ALL going to get some kind of horrible debilitating disease as he says. But hey, those are the people that keep docs in the business of telling us what our future will be. As well, he has a LOT to learn about Cannabis. Doctors shouldn't be embarrassed that dispensaries are helping so many people, rather, they should be embarrassed that they only got about 25 hours (at the least) of nutrition in all their years of study.

  3. Ive been on steroids that have been on for such a short period of time, about less than 2 months. It was handed me blindly without asking if I was breastfeeding or I had anxiety having even tapering down slowly. I am currently 1 month tapered off and I honestly cannot even fathom what people that have been on it for such a long period of time have almost feeling like death. Its sad that medical marijuana has 2-5% side effects over medication from Big Pharma. I'll tell you what! The reason why MMJ is so great because we have an Endocannabinoid system. THATS WHY!

  4. well, my personal experience with medic emergency was witnessing a lady going into cardiac and when the ems arrived, what they did was instead of getting into immediate action reviving, they were asking a bunch of questions about her age and name and id and bla bla bla…the lady was flatlining and died….

  5. David Casarett says dispensary staff were asking him questions and spent a lot of time with him. No dispensary in LA that I've gone to has been helpful in answering questions and educating me. They just shove you along so they can help the next customer. They don't even know much about the products they sell.

  6. Calling all physicians, nurses, researchers, students, medical professionals.. you’re invited to Colorado’s longest running medical cannabis conference offering CME in Denver, Oct. 14-16th @ Denver Marriott Tech Center. Offering 15+ CME/CEU credits, this is truly a conference for medical professionals and anyone looking to further their education on medical cannabis. Visit MJforMDs.org — use promo BOGO promo: Bogo25-2018 (expires 9/21/18) Thank you! It’s time that all doctors embraced this education.

  7. This guy is full of shit. he prescribes opioids and benzodiazepines, which are only a little bit less addictive than heroin. At the same time he says the effects of Cannabis are little, but they are there. he downplays cannabis totally. and this is called " a modern doctor" who prefers addictive opioids over a safe, effective plant.

  8. Opiates nauseate me and while I require some for my (chronic, irreversible) spine damage and nerve impingement cannabis permits me to use less and not require an increased dosage. I've been on oxymorphone for several years with zero need or want for more. I used to smoke for fun in the 1970s. Today I do it so I can sleep. (Go sleep deprived for several YEARS and see what it does to you!) It works. It harms no one. The laws against it NEVER claimed to be science-based, and anything not based on evidence and logic is bullshit.

  9. He keeps on saying the negative effects of marijuana. The only downfall is you can go to jail because of backwards thinking. People that know the truth it's like wow the laws are wrong, ridiculous and tyrannical. Smoked for 43 years and always kept a job and two jobs most of my life. Raised my kids as a single dad although I didn't smoke around my kids. I never robbed, raped, beat anyone and I drove a big truck over a 1,750,000 paid miles without a accident. It's kept me happy. Instead of alcohol I choose the alternative because I knew it wasn't dangerous. I never had a hangover or any bad effects. It helped me sleep and I three a newspsper route for three years on a bike. I smoked some everyday before and I folded newspapers without putting my hands on the handle bars while peddling down the road. So again what negative effects? Maybe the first ten to twenty minutes your short term memory may be effected but you don't forget the important things but your mind starts thinking ahead. That passes quickly. But I was born a little absent minded any way so am used to it.

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