1. You know it's a lie right? Like, it's not good for you. Your neurones can't process well all the information. It's not as bad as cigarrettes, but it still is unhelthy as fuck.

  2. Breaking News: Cannabis causes cancer too :/. Tar from the inhaled smoke causes cancer :/. Since weed smokers inhale and keep the smoke from their blunts / joints in for longer cannabis is worst than a cigarette :/. So u can kill your cancer while getting lung cancer PERFECT IDEA 10/10 – IGN

  3. The u.s drug war isn't working. Prohibition creates an illegal market as shown by the prohibition of alcohol. This war or drugs is all about the money. Follow the money and you can see why someone like me can be cuffed and jailed for holding a gram of Marijuana.

  4. Also, some people are addicted to it. Watch Customgrow420 his life is depending on it and i find that sad for look at the state of him and i dont want half the world looking like and him. Im not saying all will turn like him. I sayinh alot would.

  5. Im sorry i disagree. I had friends that smoke weed and just because it is safer than Tobacco doesnt mean it is better. The Crime may of gone down but my Friends smoking Weed/Marajuana have failed school , they are upsessed with it and every penny they get is spent on buying it. A very few amount of friends have been hallucinating because of it and also from what i hear and saw they become extremely lazy and will encourage people to just come home and smoke weed. I agree that why they keep Tobacco legal and not weed and for Medical reasons but Burning a plant with paper and inhaling the fumes is something i disagree with for it may not be like Tobacco increasing risks of cancer etc i still dont think it is worth for it to be legal encouraging kids that its okay.

  6. Hello Bella, thank you very much for this awesome video! The major problem is that weed cures several diseases and the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want that. Imagine the financial breakdown they would get if everyone with health problems would consume weed instead of their pills with 1000 side effects. Furthermore the Elite is afraid of people using their brains. Weed is like food for your thoughts. It let's you question more and those in power want to prevent that.

  7. Wow, sorry for comment twice in a row, but really, i couldn't be more impressed, i would totally support a YouTube channel of yours where you just do vlogs or stuff like that, you're funny, spontaneous, extremely charismatic, and you hae a great aura overall. All i want to say is congratulations for being a true role model for women.

  8. Trying to catch up on your videos Bella. Haha this was great! Besides all the cogent details in the video, you had me nearly ROFLing. Particularly at the "I've changed my mind" and the "bonus footage." Thank you for speaking your mind and standing up for a cause you think is just!

  9. While I am for legalizing, I think it should not be smoke until someone is over 23 or 25. They found it reduced the size of the hippocampus in those that smoked it at a younger age. That's why I waited until now that I am 23, all my friends are messed up since they started at a young age. Also if weed had higher CBC, more than THC or CBD it could cause neurogenesis.

  10. Cannabis makes lots of money because it's illegal. Demand is high (no pun intended) in comparison to supply. If it was legalized supply would normalize and it'd become much cheaper; also, the actual safety of the drug is still very much a dividing factor in the STEM community, I'm personally in favour of legalization, but I also recognize the need for it to be regulated.

    Then again loads of money is wasted on policing cannabis.

    All in all, it's been decriminalized in Portugal and a few other nations and it's worked really well there, saved the government fuck tons of money…

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