#43 Dude Grows Show Growing Marijuana

Grow your own Marijuana people! Here is a tease of Episode #43 We discuss monster cropping, calcium/magnesium deficiency, flowering in high temperatures, …


  1. My thoughts on Monster cropping:
    Plants middle to late in flower generally have a higher ratio of phosphorus and potassium due to the PK boosters added during late flowering . And potassium is known for contributing to root growth. With this theory rooting in a timely fashion shouldn't be an issue however re-vegging from a flower state would take more time cloning from a plant that was late in flower opposed to cloning from a plant in vegetation. So it makes sense that the experiment showed that it took longer to veg. Another similar technique that I find interesting is re-vegging a plant after harvest it's almost the same thing except it has existing roots so the waiting game is for root uptake and leaf vegetation, no rooting because it already has roots.

  2. Now I sound like a broken record. I use SOS – Super Organic Stimulator beneficial bacteria microbial enuculant in Hydro recirculating DWC. It eliminates root rot (pythium) instantly within 24hours new vigorous roots will explode out of the medium. SOS wins everytime no matter what issues I have with the roots including nute lock out. I tried SM90, H202 but Like Scotty said those solutions clear everything out leaving the roots vulnerable for the bad guys to infiltrate once again. Leaving you in a potentially higher risk in the Long run. Similar to IRAQ. We eliminated all threats and left no good guys there leaving the country vulnerable for ISIS to take control.

  3. Monster cropping is a term used when you use all "training technics" together. Low stress training, topping aka fiming, super cropping, lolly popping, it's just Easier to say "monster cropping" then say all of the about listings.

    As for taking cuttings in flower. The first week of bloom works great!!! Never took any further in flower. Perhaps you would have some problems with rooting.

    Also fellas "super cropping" is used just to "stunt" or slow Down growth to that one branch allowing the rest of the plant to grow as an even canapé.


  4. You can manipulate that 4 x 4 area into about a 6 x 6 by rotating the plants each night and changing the position in the room once a week if you simply cannot add the extra light or just grow a 4 x 4. Just an opinion but it works for me. I use a 48" vertical parabolic. Peace and thanks for the show and the RECHARGE!!!!!!!

  5. Another reason why I love grow more products they have batch numbers on all their products so in other words they have a sample of every bottle you buy and hold on file for 3 to 4 years I believe

  6. I use Advanced Nutrients bud ignitor and it works great for me it makes my plants flower after 1 week in a 12 by 12 light cycle. The forced flowering stops the stretch. When I don't use it it takes 3 to 4 weeks to flower and I get a lot of stretch

  7. dude where I live depends on what u want it's $600oz(indoor A bud). prices just drop down 2 $400oz(B bud) if it's not all that good it still run u round $300oz(A outdoor bud) but where I live nobody knows bout growing there own.if the FED's wanted 2 cut out the black market they would let people grow their own

  8. One idea for all organic is the Super Soil recipe from tga Subcool. You can just water for most of the flower cycle. some strains need more nutes at the end. I use a organic compost in my greenhouse but I still feed it now and then.

  9. Hey guys that weird I've allways know monster cropping to be super cropping lst hst and all to gather I think hygro hybrid came up with that but I don't think there is an actual definition for monster cropping

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