2. Is water got like an ozone smell? Testing hydrogen water generator portable made by RESH ltd ..with membrane technology..Is that water benefits to my health? Thanks for your expertise

  3. My dog had Osteosarcoma bone cancer and it didn't work for her. I was using it dose dependent — just enough to help her sleep and it didn't work. I also wrapped her wrist (bone cancer) in baking soda dissolved in Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) [in soaked bandages] and the bone cancer seemed to react which caused it to grow even more! Sadly my precious baby was euthanased this past Wednesday. Don't believe all you see and read on the net — much of it is paid for by big pharma, health magazines etc — all written by paid bloggers and they will make up any story for them as they have deadlines and targets as to how many blogs they have to put out weekly — so they will come up with anything they can think of which I find utterly sick — such as the guy on YouTube claiming cannabis cured his Rottweiler of Osteosarcoma and hip dispaysia which I find utterly ridiculous! You would kill a dog like that by overdosing!!!!!!!!!!! As for Rick Simpson I think he is on the payroll of the Pharmaceutical companies who are paying him to run their advertising campaigns. Sadly it's all about money.

  4. CBD oil has been proven to cure lung cancer I don't know about tumors in the head but it has been proven to kill lung cancer after 7 to 8 months and usually cures it if not you got to wait 9 another month and it will cure your cancer it's been proven it does it has happened to a lot of people that has stage 4 lung cancer

  5. my aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given a few months to live and that was about 16 months ago. (Jan.2017) As far as I know, she does not used any other treatments except for THC oil. She seems healthy and happy…much better than before she was diagnosed. She will be getting checked by her doctor in September 2018 to see if there has been any improvement or if it's all been placebo effect. I will let you know!

  6. Sorry for your loss man, but I wish this wasn't so vague. There are many types of cancer and different stages one tends to find the cancer in. I think it is a mistake to believe if you have a glioblastoma that by taking hemp oil is going to help. Sometimes people have genetic predispositions to certain diseases. And perhaps one is unable to change some of the factors in the environment that may be contributing to the illness. There is no evidence that cannabinoids help spread cancer. the evidence appears to be the contrary for some. And for other diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, researchers have found more cannabinoid receptors in the liver, leading researchers to believe that cannabis plays a huge role in inflammation. And being that inflammation plays a huge role in disease, I think It's a morally bigger mistake to tell people who may need cannabis that they should not waste their time.

  7. It seems cannabis can cure most cancer patients, but certainly not all of them. I've set up a database with cancer patients, i have 310 cases so far, and 42% of the patients treeted conventionally survived the first 5 yeers after diagnosis, while patients who preferd alternativ medicin survived in 81% of the cases (if we only count the "dificult cancers", ie the ones in the vital organs, the difrence is still much grater). Among cannabis oil users, 88% of the patients survived 5 yeers. But thare is no guarantee that someone is not one of the 12% who didnt survive (or ware it didnt work).

    If you could giv me some data like wen your father (and your frend) was diagnosed with cancer, wich tipe of cancer and if he treeted his cancer with cannabis/hydrogene alone or paralely with conventional medicin, i could take it into my database, eeven if one case wouldnt change much the stats. Thanks…

  8. First off if you have high cortisol you shouldn't use marijuana… it causes increase in cortisol and stress in your body which leads to stroke or worse death. . so its very good for people who have addision..because it increases cortisol but also growth hormone which is bad for cancer so no dont take it if you have q
    so will weed hurt you yes due to other conditions in your body.. but it healer if you have other things fixed in your body first. Cancer and growth hormone is bad…less you find something that counter acts gh… dont take marijuna for cancer….

  9. If you watch youtube videos you'll see lots of people posting videos claiming that cannabis cured their cancer. Thing is, you look for followup videos, say, a year down the road, and there are none. These people disappear (likely, died). I have yet to see anyone post a video about cannabis curing a deadly cancer and years later coming back to give an update. In fact, a few I know have died for sure. I think cannabis likely does have some cancer fighting components but its not enough to cure cancer. My brother and his wife both have cancer, and at first I suggested they try cannabis oil, now I don't recommend it at all. BTW, I use cannabis every day for other medical reasons where it really is shown to work so I'm not anti-cannabis (been a legalization advocate for over forty years in fact).

  10. Everyone is different. Studies are coming out that different types of cancer are reduced from both CBD and THC. THC is the main one. It varies from each type of cancer. It's about giving people quality of life.

  11. God's medicine is far greater than man's medicine. Nice try. So you have an anecdote where it didn't work. You can't say it "does not" work, you can only say that it "did not work in your case". Since you went public with this video, it's only fair that you also go public about what oil you took. Meanwhile it should be obvious that not all cannabis oil is created equal for a myriad of reasons. A few parting points: Cannabis is a battleship, but the diet is the fleet. Plenty of things kill cancer. You can urinate in a test tube and kill cancer.

  12. Vaping Cbd was a total waste of money and ineffective for me…Taking it in drop form was also totally ineffective…the costs of trying the different means of taking cbd were far more costly and time consuming than just using my health insurance plan and getting my standard supplement of pills. NOT to bash those who do get results and Im thinking, hey good for you if it works. IT flat just didnt work for me in any capacity and amounted to a total waste of time and money trying.

  13. For me, I used fresh Ginger. I cut them in thin slices and placed them into a sandwich bag to consume it throughout the entire day. I went from 1 sandwich bag of ginger to 3 per day. Well I was actually diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells called Focal Intestinal Metaplasia during my EDG in 2014. So it was reversible. I was placed on a close monitoring to repeat test every year to make sure WHEN it will transform to full grown cancerous cells. I was on a panic mode even though it was just only pre-cancerous. But it literally felt like a bomb inside my body and just not sure when it sets a timer in there. Since research said ginger may cure, I ate 10 pounds of ginger a week though the instruction said a little ginger consumption. I felt like it isn't enough. That's why I increased the amount to 10 pounds per week. So after one 1 year in 2015 when I had my repeated biopsy test, the result was the same, my pre-cancerous cells were still there. However I didn't stop consuming 10 pounds of gingers, I kept going.

    So on the 2 years in 2016, there was a final breakthrough. I was cleared from the Metaplasia. Doctor told me he had to do 2 biopsy to make sure if it's really gone. It did! But even after that I went on to continued my ginger consumption on a regular basis without a break. It is a crazy amount. And I highly NOT recommended for people with diabetic or ulcers. It will drop blood pressure to very low and cause bleeding if there's ulcer.

    I'm NOT too sure if ginger would work to kill full grown cancer cells even though the research said it does. At least on my end it did eliminated the pre-cancerous cells.

  14. I'm sorry for your pain my friend. But you need to know CBD oil DOES NOT do anything to cancer. You need 99% THC oil. I can't stress this anymore. It's the THC that helps the mutated cells. This is why education on cannabis is so important.

  15. This is information for the viewers: The THC is essential for cancer treatment. You may combine CBD with THC, but having the THC is essential. The cannabis oil/extract should be > or = to 1 gm per day; up to 2 gm per day for effective treatment. Please research on YouTube for further detailed information. CBD works very well as an anti-seizure / anti-pain remedy – but is not effective against cancer. Most people give up on the cure long before they even understand the difference between CBD and THC, or they allow 3rd party vendors to provide ineffective THC preparations. Seek the knowledge, be persistent, and do not give up — it is your right to nurture and heal yourself and your family; persevere for the knowledge; heal thyself, family and loved ones without being mislead by those that have been led astray or misinformed.

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