2019 Indoor Ghetto Grow: 3 Week Old Marijuana(Cannabis) Plant from Seedling/Outdoor Vegetation Stage

Ghetto Grow: 3 Week Old Marijuana (Cannabis) Plant from Seedling, Indoor/Outdoor Vegetation Stage (2019 – 2020) My First Time / Year Making A …


  1. Damn. Those seedlings look pretty good bro. Considering you dont have some massive 1,000w light, looks good man.

    Keep it up. Biggest tip I can recommend, is never over water it. Killed my first grow that way. 👍

  2. I've been searching for over 2 months for a natural grower with no chemicals.. just to see if anything is wrong with my plants… I'm so grateful I've found you.. one of my plants are withering..it caterpillars eating it😭😭😭

  3. Yeah organics I feel like is the best way because when you go to flush the plants if you have too much chemicals an dont do it right – it ends up tasting horrible no matter how good it comes out!
    I'm growing GG4 right now all organically an mines came out real good I'm in the last week

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