15 Days Without Weed + 3 Tips to Help Quit Weed | The Road To 90 Days without Weed | Ep. 1

This is the first video in a series of videos that is going to document my progress in giving up weed for 90 days. Every day I’ve been journaling how I feel and the …


  1. I’ve been smoking every day for ten years and for the past 3ish years just after 9pm usually, but still burned it down hard. I’m currently on day 15 no smoking and it gets tough during the times I’m used to smoking. I want to be the best me and am committed to not smoking and don’t plan on setting a smoking date or completion date until I feel like I can handle just once or twice a month. I’m starting to eat better, but times are still tough and get emotional. For me the worst part is my imagination. I often feel like I’m about to lose all my friends and no one wants to be around “non smoking David” anymore, and thinking about that makes me want to smoke, but I don’t. Not sure when things get easier, but I’ve been trying to have a better relationship with God and pray and journal on a daily basis. Good luck to all you out there.

  2. Hay bro it's my 2th time I'm quitting smoking pot Mann last time I went 2 months without smoking but then had back issue and went back on it
    The weed is not made for me as I get upset stomach after a while when I small heaps
    I personally love weed but I love my health too bro so good luck to U and I need a luck I was a guy that didn't need anything to be happy as I was happy and smile all the time I Wana be happy natruly not fake happiness

  3. In the past I quit weed for 6 months, my advice is cut off friends who smoke weed too because they are addicted and you don't want that energy around you physically.

  4. Yeah I don't believe him he wore the same clothes every day, this was all shot in one day!! And I just don't believe he really was ever into smoking, he is just smart enough to cap on some views, I don't have a problem with the help, I just don't like the deception!!

  5. You quit it basically because you don’t need it, For me i rather smoke everyday because i have anger issues. And it doesn’t affect my social life because i was born anti social. So don’t make it sound that bad smoking weed. Ty

  6. thankful for you! for me I started bc of pain. I have to really face pain physically and emotionally and I’m not gonna lie it’s scary but recently I was like oh wait who am I? I’m strong af. My plan is to do gradually and use cbd, meditation, journaling to manage pain as I withdrawal.

  7. Finishing up day 1. A day of anxiety, feeling shame and that something bad will happen, and absolutely zero appetite (didn't eat anything at all). Feel cold and sweaty. Cried a couple of times. Also coming off a hangover too.

  8. This was an epic video thank you. Yes nothing wrong with weed I love it but I also love to try quit for longer and longer periods or at least taking breaks I find it is very beneficial in all ways.

  9. I really do respect you for doing this💯💯💯💯. I have been smoking every week but not smoking for 90 days is hard for me. It’s just something that calms me down after a long week of school

  10. I ended up smoking after 3 days gonna go for it again. Just really wanted to see why I kept smoking and I can honestly say I’m ready for a big break. (Smoking daily since 15 am now 21) been smoking rosin for the best 5 months and I just notice I can’t focus that great compared to when sober I’m very exited wish me luck

  11. Hi guys I have now stopped smoking weed it has been 4 days now what surprises me is I have no I have I have no urges to smoke and my dreams are crazy as fuck I hope I can keep it up let’s see how long I can last the first time in five years I’ve decided to stop smoking weed but the headache and I feel high without smoking maybe it’s all the weed in my blood

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