11 Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Fitness Goals

From lack of accountability, skipping the warmup, setting unrealistic goals, incorrect breathing to doing too much too soon and more, watch till the end to learn …


  1. Been 3 days of working out I guess my biggest N only mistake was doing too much too soon, my whole body hurts like hell 😂😂💔💔 but it didn't drop my will a bit I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to goals but I learned from that mistake N now I'm going slowly

  2. Do you make any of the mistakes that we mentioned? What is your biggest mistake that is stopping you from getting fit? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  3. thank you for that.I have been praying and even judging myself and God on what the problem is but i still pray no matter what.
    Honestly since corona started i have tried my best after my job was put off . My supplies are off. my family is only my mum and she is upcountry with no money,my friends have all left me.I have sold nearly all items in my house apart from my bed and laptop….Trust me sir i Have..It just options and desperations that make people to do certain things and its hurts me most to do this.but i still have to look strong to my kid although im hurting inside..I know in faith and truth i will be assisted by someone and i will rise up to this rock bottom. i wake up to look for minial jobs at least to get money for amenities..Dry food is the issue and if i could be assisted with 6000 ksh(60 dollars) i could buy grains like rice and ugali that lasts a month.The rest i will work for it while trying to get another job.That is my hope
    .kindly listen to my plea please .asante

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