😷LIVE | New Study Says THC Could Treat Covid Complications (w/extended chat hangout)

Donald Trump has Covid-19, and a new study says THC could help. New tests show that THC could prevent one of the most deadly Coronavirus complications.


  1. I was in chat before the show but then I got high.. 😂. Glad I catch the replay. To answer your question during the stream Jason Voorhees always kills people who smoke weed or has premarital sex.

  2. Dang I missed this, and I don't think I got a notification, however I was really stoned yesterday harvested and trimmed a GSC autoflower, transplanted my 5 new girls into 5 gallon fabric pots too. New run includes.. Northern lights, Hindu Kush, Tangerine Dream, Sour Kush, and GG#4 and they are simply beautiful.

  3. I hope that he accepts the podcast request, itd be great, you seem to have a lot of the same interest in weed and how it works so all these types of videos are amazing and unique imo

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