🌐Kristi Noem Is Fighting Back Against Legal Weed | WEEKLY WEED NEWS 11.06.20

South Dakota is trying to stop legal weed before it starts, but New York is about to legalize weed out of nowhere. Lot’s of big news, and lot’s of new weed laws …


  1. I agree with Kristie Noem. Legalizing cannabis and brining in the gov't only hurts the growers and the patients, as seen in California, where there quality went down and prices went up big time. All the good stores were forced to close, to favor the gov't-backed stores only. It's super lame now!

  2. I've been pretty happy with Governor Noem through 2020. Until this. We the people voted to legalize Marijuana. Whether or not she thinks it's right for the people, is a moot point.

    Legalizing Marijuana stops parents from being removed from their families on possession charges. The past legal status of Marijuana was tearing families apart. Legalizing it, keeps families together.

  3. The governor's attitude isn't safe for kids or the community. To be so one-side on something and unable to accept anything positive for what the people want, is dangerous.
    She'll be out soon.

  4. Sounds like what happened in MA. The people passed adult use cannabis, and the legislators immediately changed the law. I really don't like politicians. They're all a bunch of egotistical self righteous assholes. Pardon my French.

  5. you say, even with Biden we still gonne need funding. But i don't get it. Obama did not do anything for weed in 8 years right? Trump did not legalize it federal. But put it in the hand of the states is what gave legal weed the kickstart to the currect weed trends in de usa. Issent he the president that actually did the most for legal weed? i even see trump legilaze weed on a federal level if he had 4 more years. I am not a trump fan or anything. But i think Biden don't do shit for weed! he's just another president that changes nothing.

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