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  1. Thanks to We Three for making this amazing song! I have been listening to this track on repeat for a while now as I think it is a masterpiece that really touches me!
    Let's all give some love to everyone in the comments and hopefully y'all like it as much as I do 💜

  2. What I love personally is that singers make songs like this for a living and they know that the people Who listen to their music are in a rough time and then there are the singers who post this stuff just for the leading start on the boards and those people don’t understand what they did for that small group of people all around the world and how much better they made them feel in the moment of listening to that song

  3. This song hits so damn close to home,wish I could tell my friends how I feel sometimes,yeah ok I’mfourteenandthisisdeep but I actually feel like goin but I don’t worry for the spelling mistakes my eyes are tears up I can barely see but I hope you girls see this…Alyana thank you for being there for me when I needed hana thanks for being the one I could go to when we went outside that one time but I didn’t say everything to you I’m so sorry,Victoria thank you for giving me confidence when I needed and when everything was going down you gave me courage to keep living,thank you Lena for being the one who always had my back and was always there when I needed and didn’t need and thank you for being the one person I could vent to,thank you Priscilla for being the one girl who made me feel like I belonged near people and thank you for speaking to me first,thank you guys so much you don’t know how you saved my life but if you didn’t know me you wouldn’t have gotten the chance to know I was alive…so thank you so much for being there when I need girls you make me smile sometimes❤️I’m sorry for saying I’m ok when I’m not I’m sorry for saying I’m fine it’s about you right now I’m sorry I put you through a hassle❤️💚and thank you mila for asking if I’m ok when I’m not💜❤️

  4. Did anyone notice how the battery is running out on the tablet in the pic? I just thought that it was really sad, since it most likely means that it won't be long until her happy little "facade" shatters. I also noticed the charger, maybe could stand for antidepressants?

  5. Three years ago, I had a project for my French class (which is my native language) where I needed to write a "short" story of ~1800 words. I was very inspired, so it ended up being around 5000 words.

    It's about a girl who didn't get along very well with others at school and spent most of her time alone. On her last birthday, she received a present from her grandmother: a feather and inkpot set. Although she never really was a writer, the girl decided to try it out after her only (and totally fake) friend suggests she gives it a shot. Alone in her room, she prepared a few paper sheets, filled the inkpot, and let her imagination take over. For hours after that, the girl restlessly let her hand fly over the many sheets she had prepared, writing anything and everything that came to her mind.

    But she had way too much to say. Way too many things bottled up inside her. She couldn't stop and didn't want to either. She didn't eat that day, but she wasn't hungry. She didn't sleep that night, but she wasn't tired. As a sea of paper began forming in her room, her parents started to worry about her well-being. They tried to reason with her only to be met with silence and a cold gaze.

    Another day went by. The initial stack of paper had run out, so words started appearing on every surface of the room. The floor, walls, and ceiling became full of words of pain and sorrow. At some point, the inkpot had completely dried up, yet the girl kept going. With still so much pain to share, the girl slit her wrist and let her feather bask in the red, warm liquid flowing out of the wound. Finally freed from her burden, the girl collapsed to her knees with, for the first time in a long time, a true and genuine smile on her face.

    When her parents next set foot in her bedroom, they were met with a storm of words and sentences. A hurricane of pain. However, the most painful sight was the motionless body of their daughter in the middle of the room. Under her long dark hair laid a peaceful smile. She wasn't breathing. Nor would she ever breathe again.

    Her name was Sarah.

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