Will Trump Crack Down On Marijuana Legalization???

History shows us that Republican presidents are anti-cannabis. With Trump being elected just days ago, many in the community are fearful. Here’s my opinion.


  1. It's all fear mongering…You Are aware that Trump is literally BEST friends with Snoop Dogg right? Many people forget, Trump is NOT really a Republican, he used to be Democrat, and Independent….he's basically a wild card, and I wouldn't be surprised if he says "ahh fuck it", and DROPS the classification of marijuana or removes it all together….remember, Trump DOESNT give a shit what anyone thinks, he's going to look at the numbers and the WASTE, and be like "nope, Decriminalize, you don't like it, too bad."

  2. I agree Trump is not stupid. He's a jerk but he is our jerk and he recognizes potential. He knows that we cannot stay afloat with more people drawing from the system than people paying into it. I hope that he does what the Baby Boomers failed to do and release the police forces from jumping on "less than i ounce " victims… like maybe your own son or daughter.

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