Why your Grow Tent NEEDS an INTAKE FILTER + Cheap Filter Options

Learn from my mistakes and filter the intake! Links to products: Amazon filters: Amazon Filter Material: Home …


  1. That's too thick and will block to much of the ac. Remove that and install a in cabin air filter on the inside of the tent. Will filter the dust and crap but won't restrict the flow. Easy to do and in cabin filters are not expensive and last for a while!

  2. 2 things bro: 1. I would use 4 small vents instead of this 1 huge one -> better air circulation and absolutely quite. 2. You said that your temp is real high, and you cool it down. -> how high are those temps? Because under LED is 30 C° or even more very good. Thats because the LED itself doesnt produce enough heat. Cheers troy 🙂

  3. I used to use old lady nylon scarfs, but progressed to eBay sourced nylon superfine mesh, like mosquito netting, held on with waistband elastic. Works great even on fine cat hair.

  4. Try another filter similar to the one you have hanging for exhaust. The intake duct coming from the a/c can be fed into the filter so air is blowing into the filter and air coming out of the filter will be filtered. This should solve any dust problem from intake.

  5. I use the pantyhose method (I call them nylons but I think it’s the same thing) but be sure to tape off the end of the flex duct so that it doesn’t poke holes in the nylons/pantyhose. Good luck with your grow.

  6. Great video! Love your content man! this is a pretty common problem that is largely ignored by tent growers! filtering both intake and exhaust is super important! good luck with this grow man!

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