Why No Cannabis – Public Housing, Health Care, Vets, Banking, & Guns

CannabisIndustry #CannabisNews Federal law keeps cannabis users out of public housing, health care, the VA, banks & even threatens your 2nd amendment …


  1. So your saying if it passes in the house it won't go to senate? Im not really familiar with all this. Will the senate smash it like a bug if it were to reach their hands.?

  2. I have a city job. My city job is the deadest job I've had. Federally I can't smoke weed. I've been clean for years now. What day do you think the Feds will open the door so I can smoke again?? I'd love to get stoned on a Friday and sat night. I can't wait!!!

  3. This topic is so massive you couldn't even cover it in a video that's four DAYS long, let alone four minutes. The word "government" stems from "gubernare mentis" which literally means "mind control." Why would a group of people dedicated to closing minds and controlling them want people using a substance that opens minds and provides different perspectives? Cannabis is schedule I because it interrupts the mental conditioning necessary to keep the cattle lining up at the slaughterhouse.

  4. I don’t understand. I heard that the government is recognizing state law on cannabis, so it shouldn’t be illegal to own a gun. You shouldn’t be able to get fired from your job. What do you think?

  5. What are your thoughts on the "MORE" act. It looks like it's goes up for voting on Wendsday? I think it's being voted on in the Senate? It looks there there are alot of bills Mj being brought up can, they pass them all? Plus I an sure the fighting between Dem's and Republicans plays a role too?
    I'd love to know your thoughts and thanks 😎

  6. Doctors don’t want to deal with it because they’ll lose their big Pharma kickbacks to the hospitals and their clinics they’re fishing trips their family vacations to the Bahamas they’re big to do dinners out feed bombs

  7. Those regulations exist to control market share and oppressive anyone who dare challenge the federal “authorities.” Protecting the public from themselves is the oldest lie ever told. But, let’s not forget where the DEA originated from, the Narcotics bureau, which was spawned from the department of treasury. This is simply Crony Capitalism hiding behind the veneer of “serving and protecting the public.” It’s utter bullshit!

    “Money laundering”! Give me a break. It’s an open secret that these central banks already “money launder” existing illegal drug sales around the world. When challenged in public, they said well yeah we know, but if we stopped doing it, the whole US economy would collapse. So, that is a bold face lie to use that excuse to prohibit law abiding small businesses in legal states from using the bank system. END the FED and it’s unelected “government.” (“Control+mind”).

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