What Is Delta-8-THC & Is It Legal?

Delta-8-THC is a new cannabinoid on the market. Let’s talk about its origins, its effects in your body, and whether or not it is legal. Learn more at …


  1. I’m new to delta 8 but it changed my lifeeee. I’ve never slept so well, have reduced back pain and NO anxiety or paranoia when I use it. Delta 9 always used to give me horrible paranoia, no matter what strain I tried and would make me feel groggy for days. I don’t feel groggy at all the next day when using delta 8, I would say the opposite actually and I usually have more energy. Also, for me at least, D8 doesn’t feel as strong as D9 so I feel much more in control. D8 is like the in between ground of CBD and D9👌

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