Water Bottle Planter Timelapse Grow From Seed to Flower

A timelapse breakdown of a normal hemp seed grown in a homemade water bottle sub-irrigated planter (self watering planter pot) as well as a tutorial of …


  1. THOSE ARE SOME BADASSES! Wowww… i like doing this too but i suck at it so bad😓. Some of my plant grow 13feet tall and still won't produce any flowers or buds or anything(idk why).. and some of them grows up like female, so i moved them near the females. Then it later turns out to be male.. it grew too tall and i didn't notice right away😭. I've watch alot of your videos and tutorials and stuffs.. i learned alot from you THANK YOU VERY² MUCH! but the soil is different in my country so it can't be the same..
    Sir? Can you please do a video on 'if you make male and female cannabis plant grow together for too long' or 'if you let male cannabis grow to long near female' JUST IN CASE WE DON'T SPOT THEM RIGHT AWAY.

  2. you could change the genetics of an area if you drove around windows down with a flowering male plant, just an idea if the thc content is too hi in your area, balance with cbd, could be called genetic warfare, or in my opinion genetic welfare lol

  3. Your videos are always so well done , easy to understand for a beginners, yet knowledgeable enough to keep the pros interested. Love and happiness from Australia , please keep up the fantastic work you do.

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