Walking the Pepper Path 2020 — Part 2

Part 2 of a tour of our 2020 front yard hot pepper garden in Minneapolis, MN. Many interesting varieties from all over the world. All shapes, sizes, colors and heat …


  1. New subscriber! Followed on IG too. Your Scarlet Rose doesn't look too bad, better than mine anyway. I tried it for the first time this year but it didn't even set any pods. ps loved the ripening song. 🙂 Rocotos have always been hit or miss for me. They take so long to ripen. You might want to check out the mini olive rocoto from Chris Fowler. It's a fun and unique variety. My EOSB ended up red last year too but it was a nice pepper anyway.

  2. I love getting to see every type of pepper you get to grow, I really cant wait for my seeds to arrive so I can start growing indoors over the winter. very excited to get my membership card as well!!! I was so excited sending the letter… I forgot to write down the actual reason I had sent it (for the membership card) haha. Thinking about adding one of the Sansi lights to my setup, maybe as an experiment plant try growing one to maturity under the lights.

  3. Amazing update Rob! I'm just got seedlings to start out my 4th year of growing now – all started from seed under light during the winter just passed – but hope to build on the variety and flavour I had grown last year. Your videos keep me inspired

  4. Rob, Hello I hope you're day has been well just wanted to give you an update my Carolina Reapers have formed some with a un-natural form others original reaper shape, but the plant is still massive and the leaves have settled down from being extremely large. My question is what is the average time from green to red/ripened?

  5. WOW! That shot of your harvest all over the table! Magnificent! Really liked the name for the cross. Made me chuckle hehe. Oh and thanks for reminding me about the card! Need to go and check it out! Hope all your peppers have time to ripe before frost! I spent most of Sunday spraying down plants with soap water so I can bring them inside and let the last peppers ripen. Some even started ripening just over night.

  6. Hi rob it’s Sean again.
    I got a few pepper seedlings and have been using epsom salt as fertiliser.
    Some of the younger leaves on the plant started getting hard and sort of crumply.
    Can be due to the lack of calcium intake? Cuz I have been putting eggshell powders on the top soil of my pepper seedlings.

  7. We're in a fairly mikd climate in Southern Oregon. I grow Aji Amarillos in our hoophouse and cant for the life of me get them to color up before the frost hits. I hang the whole plant in my garage and dry the peppers for powder after they've turned orange.
    Thanks for the great tour. Just ordered some Merch!

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