Wake & Bake America 1102: Being Thankful & Dave Chapelles Weed And Psychedelics Parties

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  1. scotty, I think it's the owners who look for dogs that remind them of themselves, instead of dogs take on the characterteristics of the owner, but both might be correct.

  2. It’s so true chasing things , I wouldn’t be happy in a mud hut but at the same time no amount of money has brought me the happiness simple things like plants and the ocean do ,,, especially long term

  3. Hey bro's my first time commenting on your show any way Thanks for all you all do.little story from the past 1979 I read my first cannabis gro book it looked like a first grader book LoL anyway there was a part that said to put nails or tacts through the stem at the bottom WOW Man it worked for me the kola's were full of tric's and stoney weed any one else tried this or read that same book . staying stoned

  4. dude if your neighbor has chickens work out some sort of deal for the use of the chickens to roam your cannabis patch next season once a week to come eat the slugs and corn ear worms they get organic feed for the chickens and you get some free effective addition to your ipm haha missed this one i was having a weed nap

  5. Scotty is right, chasing things, house, car, things will not make you happy. You have to be spiritually awake, then you realise chasing things in life has no meaning. GREAT Show as usual. Can not wait for 420 Friday. Peace DGC

  6. There's a rumor that every Bob Ross painting has either 3-4 copies. One was the 1st which could be a rough draft, then a 2nd I believe was a final copy, and a 3rd was what he painted while being filmed. And a old woman somewhere inherited them all. And has 1000's of pieces of original BR art.

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