Wake & Bake America 1087: Life & Music, Pandemic Legalization Pushes, & Man-made Photosynthesis

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  1. Rasta Jeff has helped me tremendously. I suggest his Grow from the Heart podcast! (You probably already know, but hopefully this gets at least one new viewer) So easy to listen to and full of info!

  2. I accidentally smoked crack once when I smoked a joint with someone I didn't know at a party. Dude was just passing it around like a normal joint and all of a sudden I felt like I was in a car accident as far as adrenaline goes and I'm like "WTF else is in this??" I still remember his response "I ain't gon' lie to ya, there's some crack in there." Never smoked on a stranger's supply after that incident. Crack is in no way enjoyable, completely ruined my buzz.

  3. Learning to grow cannabis the right way and focusing my time and energy on it has given me a chance to think, and I realized i've been killing my body with alcohol and opiates for years, and I'm slowly turning things around as of lately. I've been suppressing some kind of intelligence all these years and I'm realizing from growing cannabis that life is good. If smoking was legal where I lived, I probably would have never got into alcohol or pills, that's just me though. Thankyou guys for doing what you do.

  4. This has nothing to do with the show and maybe nothing at all lol.
    This morning I got up and made a coffee and went to check on my plants like I always do. Well I had a cpl fuckin fungus knat flying around and within a cpl mins of setting my coffee down by my plants, all the fungus knat had drown them selves in my coffee.
    Coincidence or new fungus knat trap?? Worked faster then the apple cider vinegar.

  5. Imagine being scared of co-vid, when only 6% of the total deaths occurred without any co-morbities and most of them on people over the age of 60. It's a joke that they claim to be focusing on the "science" while ignoring scientific data points like what I just mentioned

  6. I was on opioids every 4 hours 247365 for 13yrs. I have 9 broken disc's or herniated ruptured disc's same thing. Pain is my friend that I love to kill with cannabis every day mostly at night for 2.5yrs. Cannabis has turned me back into a human.
    Thanks to The DGC I'm about to start my first grow, 9 pound hammer from the man himself B+

  7. You guys want a hover board check out Onewheel.com . Its not exactly a hover board though its like a skateboard but with one wheel in the middle, go figure, and the feeling is described as floating. It is so much fun. The one I have goes 16mph and I've gone 7.1 miles on a charge. There is another model that goes 18 miles on a charge and 19mph but is twice as much. It goes on in grass, gravel, dirt, streets, pretty much everywhere.

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