Using U.V. to increase CBD in UK Industrial Hemp Facility | Bridge Farms and Ceravision

I visited a bridge farms group nursery in the UK to see how they use UVB treatment on herbs and hemp to …


  1. I was using 2 T5 reptile lamps(i nearly went for a mercury vapour lamp but they are just too hot) and a 1000w HPS in the early 2000s and it most definitely increases the terp and resin production, which made the plants a bit more potent and made the plants taste a lot stronger. I also ran the same clones without a UV lamp. I ran mine for 2 hours every day, once 1 hour after lights on and once for 1 hour before lights out. The UV lights were hung on either side of my parabolic hood at around 20" above the canopy so UV-A & B lamps do work.

    Great video.

  2. blatantly not hemp. ffs. interesting factoid: the UK is THE biggest exporter of "legal" cannabis worldwide through these farms owned by Lords , Dukes and politicians….see how the elites can flout the LAW lol.

  3. @migro. You should try looking into Fohse aries. They claim they have 3 spectrums, 1920 mol/s, 3 – 3.3 mol/j and 688 focal lenses. So far it's the best I've seen on paper so it would be great to see u evaluate it

  4. It's funny how cannabis is illegal but hemp ain't. Maybe this facility is exactly why that's the case, buy lab made strains and get a massive loan then you're churning out 'medicine' by the tonne legally. Can't ever support businesses like this.

  5. Thanks for the excellent tour of their facility, very educational & great to see how others are creating their own Medicine.
    Here's some more great information on increasing the potency of Cannabis with UVB…..Peace Brother

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  6. Lol! Who is paying their light bill? They have lights on over empty tables. Is electricity free back in the old country? Ball breaking aside, nice facility, thanks for the tour.

  7. The sun has been doing this for millions of years, but the clever humans have only just found out and think its "revolutionary " 🀣🀣🀣

  8. 6:03 "we were seeing between 25 and 40 % increase" That is quite a claim for a relatively cheap and low power consuming light, especially if it's only on for a few hours. This has to be worth further investigation. He also bigs up the sonT bulbs, and HPS. I like HPS &MH over LEDs but UK power isn't cheap. Wonder what sonT bulbs would yield next to regular HPS bulbs? They are twice the price of most brands in grow shops.

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