1. My first time I was invited by a friend to one of his friends houses, I walked in and it was so majestic okay, the vibe was so good, it was mellow and comforting. My friend asks if I wanted to try and I was going to anyways so I thought might as well with him, so my first time I smoked a bowl by myself and as soon as I took my first hit I felt like this buzz of chill energy.. only lasted for a couple seconds. So we decided to go to a movie and grab a drink, while we were getting drinks at like this weird soda bar thing I just remember laughing and everything being so slow, and then it just kind of stopped.. I kept saying I don't think i'm high, so after the movie we went back to that kids house and smoked again.. this time I actually got high. I remember sitting in a chair with some familiar faces and some unfamiliar faces, thinking shit.. this is really happening, I really just smoked weed and i'm sitting in a guy named trappers room with a bunch of teenage boys.. like the almost stereotypical high school thing. BUT then it really hit me, I got up and I grabbed trapper and my friends arms (apparently really hard) and I remember saying I figured out what's going on! i'm high! and then I said i'm here in one place, in my reality, but then I slip away on people's words and follow these weird tangents that takes me to other places and then I "wake up" or focus again and then i'm back in reality and it's like i'm here and then not here and here again, and then trapper said "but are we really here, are we really real?" and after he said that I pretty much just lost my shit and tripped out on those words for the next couple of days until I got high again, It was super mind opening, that night I couldn't tell if my thought's were what I was saying or if I was just keeping them to myself, I felt super open.

  2. A friend of mine was a grower since his 13, so fast forward we became realy good friends at 16, when he first came to my school, and i always ignored teh fact that he was grower, but one day, i asked him "iis weed any good, i mean fun?" , brings his O.G and Amnesia the next day, and…well, first time og and amnesia, was a fucking blast.Never gonna forget.

  3. I was 15 and someone who at the time was a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to. We were at my house and went to a nearby park, then he called his friend (skinny dude with a jew fro) and they lit on a potato with a bic lighter. I took three or four puffs, they dropped me off at home and I remember eating obscene amounts of cold food not knowing what the munchies were, then fell asleep on the living room couch. I woke up about three hours later and missed most of the high.

  4. Well i had been planning on smoking for a while but couldnt get weed, i thought when the time came id be all prepared but one day this guy i know was like "wanna smoke a j" and i said yeah, so pretty much i coughed my lungs up and got super high 😀

  5. My friend and I were both 13. I bought a J from a guy at school and went to my friends place after school. We smoked it at night when his parents went to bed and it made us completely COOKED. We we're watching tv, laughing and having a shit load of fun. Then his mom came downstairs and knew we were stoned. She never told my parents, so yeah… we're both 18 now and still blaze 🙂

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