The Spiritual Benefits And Cautions Of Marijuana | Third Eye Tool

I make a disclaimer here that if you are age 21 and live in a legalized state please do not use until of age. ****** The healing of the mind, is the healing of the …


  1. I meant when I was younger, I was afraid of getting in trouble- never scared of the actual leaf. 🌿

    I leave you with one thought, I was a zen buddhist first who already had gotten to the awakening of everything is interconnectioned, and Cannabis confirmed because it was part of my subconscious memories. Some may have other experiences, it is about what you have already experienced and hold tight to, both good and bad, depending what is inside, that you need to see, to work on expansion and healing. “Bad trips” are simply you needing to work on something in the subconscious. This is the gift it offers as a kind plant.

    Clarification~ If you are wondering, the hidden parts of yourself is called “Subconscious”, but I added an “un” by thinking about the unconscious parts of the subconscious.

    I make a disclaimer here that if you are age 21 and live in a legalized state. Btw studies have shown and you can watch it for yourself on YouTube, driving on cannabis depends on the person, so keep that in mind and of course if you have good driving skills, but I don’t advocate for any one to get behind the wheel under a mind altering tools.

    May this information help unite many together in peace and understanding. 🙏🏼✨🌿

    Hear about my very first mushroom trip:

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