The Science of CBD with Dr. John Hicks

Dr. John Hicks talks about the science of CBD The juice of Marijuana makes you feel euphoric yet not high, and receive over 113 different cannabinoids that acts …


  1. I have wegners blood vessel inflammation disease disorder and its called vasculitis..I have rheumatoid arthritis and scleritis of the left eye I'm done with these prescriptions prednisone methotrexate and otc medications NSAIDs and tramadol..I just purchased cureganics cbd oil is this a good one haven't tried it rheumatoid doctors aren't good no good doctors in my area

  2. Those interested in the current scientific research of the effects of CBD are referred to the following link, from WebMD: It is free. Those who subscribe to ConsumerLab can find an exhaustive report on peer-reviewed published scientific studies of CBD on their site.
    Those not concerned with scientific studies need only not read about them. There is no need to respond to this, arguing with me.

  3. Dr. the key to Cbd Cali being you successfully which I don’t think you’re stressed enough is going to have to be taking on a regular basis and it takes a few weeks for it to work I feel that’s not stressed enough in the YouTube that I’ve seen thank you great video

  4. There are no properly conducted studies that found that CBD has any effect on symptoms or disease, unless it is taken in amounts hundreds, even thousands of times greater than the amounts available in CBD products, and even then, it is rare that CBD actually had an effect.

  5. I have a rotator cuff that I ripped and had operated on and hurts a lot at night time when I'm sleeping. And anxiety
    issues and can't believe how much CBD helps. Check out this site, I found these guys with a little
    looking around:, I'd recommend getting higher doses though.The lower Doses seem fine in some cases but
    the 1000mgTincture bottles had the most noticeable impact. Still haven't tried the 2000mg one yet.And if you spend
    $60 they send you a pack of gum for free and also free shipping how can you go wrong and top shelf CBD.

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