1. Hi great video! Drying my first plant. Unfortunately I already started the drying process before finding your video. I live in Nevada and it is quite dry here I am keeping my five-by-five closet about 70 degrees… is the lowest I can get it. I'm thinking it's probably already drying a little too fast how do I slow it down? Are you trying inside of a garbage bag does that help? Thanks!

  2. Cool video. But why do people who grow there own. Worry so much about trichome loss. Light water air dont degrade the buds at all. Besides the bud is completely filled with trichomes the outside of the bud will always be the least of the worry. It's the centers of the bud you wanna make sure gets cured to optimal smells. 7 day dry is fine cure in jars or bags keep your rh right and you will have buds like the dispo everytime. I feel like these videos are made for new growers by new growers and it's a waste of time and usually a bunch of misleading information.

  3. Luckily I dried some stuff in advance like you said or else all my stuff would mostly be over dried. The second batch seems better and the 3rd even better I assume good tip. I would like to know how you trim? All manually or do you use some kind of machine?

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