The cannabis investment market in the UK has lots of potential

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  1. Fuk all that medicine use.

    Recreation is needed.

    Pull the money out of the gangs hands.

    Close the pubs and breweries.

    Turn them into grow farms and smoke shops.

    It would save the NHS billions.

    Pub fights.

    Too much drink bringing ambulance out.

    Long term health defects especially.

    Criminal damage drunks commit.

    Abused children and partners. Usually by drunks.

    So many benefits for swapping drink for cannabis.

    What's alittle paranoia most of that BS is caused by gang shit weed anyway the crap they do to the weed.

    Legal weed would be the safest weed around. Nobody is over dosing on weed. Abusing their family on weed.

    It's just DUMB to criminalise cannabis whilst having drunks totally acceptable. Look at all those shiny red cheeks in the houses of parliament ffs.

  2. We wanna know plant count limits for home growers , they better not leave the people out that helped keep the plant alive while these company’s buddy’s in power helped to destroy plants and lives because of money , we want it decriminalised not just legalised.

  3. You are not pioneers of the cannabis industry you are corporate investors, we don’t have a blank canvas because the industry already exists. These suits will all fail because they don’t know anything about cannabis.

  4. I might've missed it but did he say where he is growing cannabis, presumably it has to be grown indoors rather then outdoors. Which does suggest more cost and he could be competing with those who illegally grow it.

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