Strong Weed with B Real (from Joe Rogan Experience #189)

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #189 with B-Real, from Cypress Hill ( also avilable for download via iTunes …


  1. If you ever get too high… Just eat something with sugar. Mars or Snickers or drink some Coca Cola or just something with a lot of sugar. then wait for 20 min and the high will slowly go down (i have been smoking for 25 years so i know)

  2. Had a half a brownie thinking I was being smart, I blink after I blink I'm high asfff. Next 4 hours I was paranoid think there was spice and meth laced in it. Then thinking there were shrooms in it hahahaha

  3. Does anybody else Have the “I can only breathe if I take my socks off” experience?! Like with me, I’ve had a couple experiences where I could not breathe, I was scared for my life having to remember to breathe, until I took my sock off!

  4. hash is good.. but charas is better.. we hunt for hindu kush or purple haze and then just rub about 15-20 grams a hand.. its the best high, the hard work is worth it..

  5. I hallucinated the first time I smoked weed in Amsterdam. I didn't respect it and hit it hard and held each hit in and we also were drinking a quite strong European can of beer. Few minutes later, sweating, nauseous on Vondel Park bench. Sweating drops on my face. Sunglasses on Thought I was in the desert in Arizona with Indians and teepees etc.

    It was crazy. Glad my friends came. I could barely walk or talk. I tried to play it cool. Glad they didn't come and find me 20-30 minutes before 😀

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