Stop Low Stress Training your Cannabis plants

You read the title correct, now come inside and learn why. Stop Low Stress Training your Cannabis plants. No more low stress training. no more wire ties on your …


  1. Lastly yes, stop watering for god's sake. I literally wait until I see them just ever so slightly "weeping" even before I ever re-water and always go by "pot weight" and the slight weep. YouTube is full of plant killers!

  2. 100% right, I can just tell you get it. People bend,twits, crack stems even and LST day and night on and on. I personally don't have time and plants are very fine just topping and some general low leaf care, that's it….I don't need $200 worth of nutes, it's in my soil mix to begin with, maybe a bump toward the end and that's about it. You are exactly right, people don't know how to grow, let your plants grow, they have been fine (other than topping) forever in the wild. Finally somebody has it right, thank you! Subbed, any 60 day auto seeds you want to send would be way cool or,….whatever you have or not, up to you.. Thanks for the great vid and truth.

  3. First time grower here. I am growing two plants of unknown genetics. Bag seeds, but VERY good bag seeds. They both seem to be a Sativa strain, but they are very different plants. They are now in week five of flower and are progressing nicely! I have been using the fox farm three part nutrition program, Beasty Buds for Veg, Open Sesame. for transition, and Cha Ching, for the last several weeks. I have many questions about feeding, and have been watching a LOT of videos. Still a little confused. Not a lot of clear cut guide lines on feeding/watering schedules. Are the Nutes I'm using considered food? How can I be sure I'm not over feeding? Really liked the video, but how many times can you top without creating coalas the branch cant support? I know Scrog nets, but I like to be able to get to all sides of the plant and I'm in a small space. Great videos looking forward to more.

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