Still Growing Cannabis Outdoors in Canada 🍁

My outdoor plants still have a couple of weeks to go but there’s not much sunshine these days, and it’s been cold and wet out there! So what should I do? I setup …


  1. Do you have a link of where i could buy these little t5 light that youve put in your auto flower tent? It could be great in my 5×5 as complement ! Im from quebec about an hour from the state of Maine and the weather also suck it was cold this september !!

  2. I harvest one plant last week cause of meldew problems. Still got 6 oz off my first plant and it was in a ziplock gallon pot .I think that’s pretty good for first time. Hopefully one day I can have nicer harvest like yours. Normally what do you get off a plant in a bucket and know didn’t strain produce different amount ❤️💯🇨🇦

  3. You should hang a few 1000 wat hps in there an have a nice winter indoor grow they will keep it warn in there an a good grower can pull 2 pounds a light of 1000 watts I x like to see you do in door your plants look great love the vids 🤙

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