1. asap would b great as i am down to my last plant 2 finnish atm new ones are ready to go into the set up .as i grow perpertually.. so i have some pre grown and ready to go so i need a answer asap please……..personally i thoink i might have to add a inline fan i do have fans for circulation 3 or 4 i think in fact …..so circulation isnt a problem..jus want to know if it is my air intake i need to adjust or if im right an answer would be great as i need to nail this b4 i throw in my next

  2. ive bn growing for ever and a day i need to know about a possible ventilation problem it seems i am having or so i think ,(new shed ehh)i have a 2.3 metre by 2.3mtre by 1.9 metre high shed .i have one 250mm centrifugal fan and two outake ducts without intake fans as far away from the intake ducting with the centrigugeal 230mm as possible.my first thouight was spider mites(had a minor problem with them early in my grow..)but idk it looks more like its being gassed answers b greatly apreciated

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