Steve DeAngelo Imagines the Future of the Cannabis Industry

Steve DeAngelo Imagines the Future of the Cannabis Industry What does the future of the cannabis industry look like? Entrepreneur and activist Steve DeAngelo …


  1. We in the industry should not try to pit cannabis and alcohol against eash other, the alcohol companies are already pushing back now, the more you encourage the fear the more other industries will keep trying to kill cannabis.

  2. Not jus racial oppression in communities all over the is all kinds.. and I'd suggest u don't oversell how much it's that to not lose who ure trying to convince.. definitely most definitely cops can b racist and state dey smell weed when dey don't and find weed on sum 1 jus based off race who dey pick to do dis least off ppl who pass as black for instance or maybe jus hispanic (non white type, at all.. a lot of "black"ppl r partly european from recent admixture from irish ppl mostly cuz dey d slave owners had young girls as young indentured servants who were as young as12get raped..but ya anyway) I guess not really asians commonly as barely any asians get arrested on a per capital base..but jus cuz someone'z arrested for weed doesn't mean it needs to b cuz dey r not white or"ppl of color"but it all depends on what evidence u got..record record record but if dis dude being interviewed got recorded vid on a cop he may have gone to jail too.. I agree he should help out ppl in prison but not only the non wyte ones if datz wat he's on but I doubt it is so whatever but he could of clarified,,,,&also den unify there and said a clarification there but ya such as anyone arrested4weed I'll help out days still in prison..shit bond out d ones in jail for it too and if u can't maybe jus give em sum good food or something ukno

  3. I wish we could know if the plants that are cannabis plants are genetically engineered/modified..the way he said u wouldn't at the end..or have a lineage dat has at least one genetically engineered/modified weed strain/plant in it's past

  4. Didn't george washington &abe lincoln and many other non brown &/or black but in fact white right ppl, americans, have pot already.. but I agree racism was used as an excuse to cull and control all ppl.. imagine we can grow sum hemp and make hemp jets, fuel, houses, anything and everything we'd not only need but jus even desire! We can not only all survive but thrive!

  5. Steve DeAngelo thanks so much for all you do and all you've done for cannabis. Tom knows I've been saying all along that limiting the number of commercial licenses only helps those who gain the licenses. Sure doesn't help the consumer. I've left Georgia and come to Oklahoma because of their laws, and so far I'm happy with the switch.
    Hey Tom, there's 30 dispensaries in Lawton. How many does Peoria have?

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