1. WOW!! Love it!
    I made an chalice, but I will modify, because is doesn't work perfectly! Definetly smoke through chalice is other experience, I need to fixe my Chalice soon. Amazing wisdom, I love your explanation, meditation is I & I with the Most High.

    YAH Ras Tafari

  2. Blessed love my lord and empress happy to see the I and give thanks for safe my life !!! Still with a lot of issues but you teach me and bring me to life and so on ! Otherwise the story will another love love and protection. Honorable blessed love my lord and empress , Blackmaria Selassie

  3. priest kailash blessings an love..i am a new rasta an found the light thru my family as they are all rastafarians also.. i really like the video.. an i love ur knowlage about the path im taking right now…would love if u could share some more knowlage with a fellow rasta like myself, anything is appreiciated as i want to learn an grow as much as possible…peace and love ..keep up the good work!! Rastafari

  4. One love Kalesh, we need/want more insight in what it is to be "Rastafarian in Jamaica."
    Here in Canada, the only rasta's hide their dreads as do you… Any reason for the hat?
    Or was it just sunny that day? Much respect, Kalesh for taking the time to make this,

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