Senator Leyonhjelm discusses Marijuana Legalisation

The Liberal Democrats have long supported cannabis legalisation. We’re glad to see the Greens are finally adopting a more sensible stance on the issue.


  1. They'll replace the current rule book with a different rule book which will mean rule breakers which will mean some kind of penalty which will mean nothing will change except the wording on the fine they'll hand out for ''misuse.'' Frankly I'd rather they gave us belligerent status so that we can arm up and defend ourselves against the two digit IQ thugs they send to invade our homes and terrorise our wives, kids and other relatives like parents who may also reside at our homes. I don't want these cunts to legalise anything – I want them to die.

  2. As a sufferer of chronic pain who has been taking prescriptions opioids for the last 20 years with questionable results, I tried the ‘terrible weed ‘ to help me sleep. Wow, no need for sleeping pills. Sourcing it is a problem for a 70 year old and of course it is expensive too. Growing a plant in my veggie patch would be great….but it’s illegal!

  3. You know I could get on board with policies like this and vote for your party if it wasn't for the fact your party also believes in dismantling government funded social programs in favour of privatisation in said industries

  4. It'll never be legal in this backward shithole as long as the people who are responsible for the change in legislation use childish terms like ''marijuana'' when addressing the issue. I've never met a person who calls it by that stupid name.

  5. Nobody with a conviction for cannabis gives a fuck whether it ever gets legalised or not. A conviction is a millstone they never let you take off until the day you die. Nobody can ever compensate us for a lifetime of bullying, home invasion and assault. Nobody I know has had their home invaded by criminal gangs, but I know several dozen people who have experienced the terror of invasion by a bunch of government goons with an average IQ of 90, grinning high school drop outs who cannot be arrested for anything.

  6. It's time to legalise it after reading all the comments you guys need to read the research behind it and besides Portugal is the only country in the world where all drugs are totally legal what people say that could happen if drugs are legal is totally unfounded and unsubstantiated

  7. yeah the funny thing is all the people against HAVENT EVEN SMOKED THE FUCKING PLANT AHAHAHAHAHAAH get real you uneducated fuckfaces, the truth to the matter is tobacco and alcohol is a huge market and the government doesn't want to loose that billion dollar market by legalising weed also they think its as bad a cocaine just a bunch of uneducated fucks.

  8. 100s of millions is incorrect, it's less than 60 million in Colorado. Tax revenues will fall as the price inevitably will fall. I'm not against legalization just giving basic economic facts. Weed is very easy to grow and produce, it's true intrinsic value should be $4 a pound like tobacco. Tobacco is actually alot more difficult to grow.

  9. It seems all the professionals that are researching and coming out with new studies on the benefits of Cannabis are wrong,
    and everyone else in the comment section that can throw their uneducated assumptions, stigmatic and misguided views are correct.
    If It's not legalized, I'm not mad.
    I'm more irritated reading these comments and false claims.

    Do you know what makes Cannabis more of a gateway drug?
    When you get the idea into everyone's head that it's up there with heroin and meth.
    You have people trying it for the first time, realizing it is harmless and then thinking all the other drugs must be as safe also.

    Good job, Australia.

  10. Lets do talk about. Colorado

    Marijuana lead you to harder drugs … …

    it seems odd that at a time when a target has been set for New Zealand to become a smoke free (tobacco) country we are talking about a referendum on the smoking of another drug. VOTE NO.

  11. This comment section is laughable. People seem to be horribly uneducated when it comes to drugs and their impacts. Not to mention a lot of you are concerned about your freedom and liberty being damaged by this. Is it not more free to allow people to put what they want into their bodies without the interference of government?

  12. 0:31 Not Really. thats not a clean Cut No. 0:38 it Destroys people brain especially Young people. 1:28 it does Lead people to Other drugs. if some stupid people are willing to test Weed then they are Willing to Test other Drugs. Gateway.
    2:10 if thats your logic that that would also lead to LSD, Crack cocaine, Crystal meth and Heroin. #TellingItLikeItIs

  13. The war on drugs, is a war on us, the people. Cannabis has done more good in my life than the big pharma pills my GP heaps upon me for my ailments. My body, my choice. The gays had their chance how about we get to vote on it?

  14. not a dangerous drug = bullshit. it can and does wreck teenage brains for life. it can seriously fuck teenagers up with schizophrenia and other disorders, even with 'moderate' use. you say you only want to legalise it for adults with developed brains? yeah, nah, you have to take responsibility for making the drug more accessible to everyone, not just your ideal demographic. comparisons to other drugs mean shit, judge the issue on its merits. all your bullshit arguments could be made for opium too. No regular drug user is really 'choosing' the drug, they are compelled to take it through biological urges. You say your are for freedom, but sometimes that means saying no to things that take freedom away.

  15. Leyonhjelm tells us that Australia would save $1 billion per year on police work if we legalised cannabis. Additionally Australia misses out on income tax which would be of benefit to the country.
    He could also tell us that most of the $35 billion Australia spends on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders per year is a waste.
    Australia is rife with bureaucrats and government workers who make money by doing nothing.

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