Secret Nature CBD Pre-Rolls (Tested)

In this video, I smoke premium CBD flower pre-rolls by Secret Nature CBD. The extremely aromatic Sour Gummi hybrid strain offers balanced uplifting effects.


  1. I have made it out of fires

    Crushing all of my desires

    Hustling every single day

    Having lotta prices to pay!

    Kids going through anxiety

    Fucking burdens of society!!!

    Pain flowing through my veins,

    Shirt full of sweat and stains!

    Stain stain stains,

    Life is always full of pains!

    A troublesome hurricane,

    Theres no option to complain.

    Complaining we werent taught

    Every single battle we fought!!

    Fighting was all we did

    Said an anxious kid!

    Hustling for a piece of bread

    All of my desires dead!!

    I fitted it inside my head

    Will make it through thread by thread!!

    Hustling was the only chance,

    When the problems gave me a glance!!

    Life is always full of shit,

    It depends on how we make it!!

    Making a better life was always a dream,

    Raising all my self esteem!

    Hustle hustle hustle i just want to hustle

    Feeling the pain thru my every single muscle!!

    Life's nothing but a piece of a cake

    Tonnes of people acting fake,

    More poisonous than a predator snake!!

    Snake snake snakes its a jungle full of snakes

    I jus wanna be there, whatever it takes!

    Tearing all of the layers,

    God in the search of my prayers!!

    Praying wasnt the option

    When hustling was all it took!!

    Life was nothing more than an empty book,

    All i needed was to change my outlook!!

    Outlook was to be changed,

    Solution to my problems were still unexplained!!

    Hustling was all i had,

    To make proud my mom and dad!!

    Struggling with the thoughts

    I wanna pen em' down!!

    In the skit of life,

    We playing a clown

    Hustle Hustle Hustle

    All you need to hustle!!

    From head to toe

    Clinging every single muscle!!


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