1. Sadhguru is a liar and passes off his bullshit as fact. They are NOT cannabis receptors. They ARE cannabinoid receptors and they can act with different types of herbs as well as weed. We also produce our own molecules in the body which react with these receptors. It's not how sadhguru is trying to paint it and his statement about the neurologists and what they said is a blatant lie. He spews falsified facts as truth and his followers eat it up and beg for more. Endocannabinoids are like the bodies own thc and we still make it. Sadhguru makes it sound as if we no longer create it and we used to constantly.

  2. go and type Osho on drugs and you'll find out who is the real deal!this Jaggi Vasudev or Osho?Guys this jaggi Vasudev is only a cheap copycat of Osho and has stolen a lot from Osho and has sold it as his own.he is a thief.and there are people who believe this bastard.Osho was way way ahead of his time.when you compare Osho with this fraud he just disappears like a fart in a hurricane.

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