Royal Gorilla Marijuana Grow Diary Week 1!!! Royal Gorilla Beginner Grow Diary Day 10-17 Seedling!!!

marijuana #marijuanagrow #weed Thanks for watching this ROYAL GORILLA MARIJUANA GROW DIARY WEEK 1!!! GROWING WEED FOR BEGINNERS …


  1. The royal gonna be looking good after it grows. I remmeber when u where doing destiny videos. And now you doing grow. I definitely will stay here for ever whit you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Been following you for a minute what's this discord you speak of? Anyway the light is still super far away it would be better turning it down and getting it closer, while the plant grows if the light intensity is high you can burn or stunt the plant. Are you planning on scrog llst or just a cage? I dont wanna put my IG on here but I love helping new growers and have for a minute, so if you want some more intensive info and just a dude that can help i can help. You will make a ton of errors and that's just fine it's all a part of growing. Happy growing much love.

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