"Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)" Documentary – Cannabis Oil Marijuana – "RUN FROM THE CURE" "Rick Simpson"

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) – Rick Simpson “RUN FROM THE CURE” Documentary of “Rick Simpson Oil” (RSO) – Cannabis Oil Marijuana Cannabis Hemp – The …


  1. He f** up by claiming it's a cure for anything. Its a medicine for many cancers not all. And eating and drinking junk food and becoming a diabetic can't be cured with cannabis. Many of ailments we suffer from are from lacking the minerals, vitamins, proteins, ect.. in our diet. There's a bunch of things the body needs to rebuild itself. American diet covers about 1/3 of what we need. That's why we eat more than any other nation and are sicker than almost all the developed nations.
    Ps. Thanks for the upload. 👍

  2. I used Rick Simpson oil exclusively to treat my pancreatic cancer. Given a year to live if I didn’t do chemo, and about 2 years if I did, I chose RSO. It’s been a year now, and I’m feeling pretty good! None of the symptoms that sent me to the hospital in the first place, and certainly no symptoms of a cancerous pancreas. Get your RSO today by placing your order via email: Ricksimpsoncannabishemoil@gmail.com
    All thanks to RSO

  3. Visit ( sgerard950) on Instagram purchase quality rso for your cancer I placed my demand to him and I received my rso and it has cure my skin cancer he gave me a 9month treatment and I am fine now that is a legit producer
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  4. Rick Simpson is a True Hero.
    But it can be so hard to convince people of the true benefits of this amazing Plant. . .

    I’ve had bitter arguments with idiots that say if it really worked then we would all know about it.

    Well most people in this comments section should already know that Big pharmaceutical companies have the monopoly and money in this & they aren’t going to give it up without a fight.

    They don’t care how many more people have to suffer & die from this horrible disease.
    A disease that is going to effect more & more people because of the Toxic world we live in.

    My best friend wife has terminal cancer and it’s spread to the Brain.
    He won’t even Look at what I’ve got to show him. . .

    i feel so sad & helpless at Present.
    i really believe that we have still got enough time to make a difference
    & it’s killing me inside because i Love them both Dearly. .

  5. Thanks for sharing, im here for autism, pleasantly surprised to see you promoting Dr Shiva. Anyone any idea on dosing for autism? Also, seems Mr Simpson forgot about the cancer causing elephant in the room of global health that is vaccines. And of course theyre not tested for mutagenesis either. Infact theyre not really properly safety tested at all but I digress.

  6. My sister has terminal cancer I am trying to get this oil for her she is blocked from pain pills and she don't want to take them we try the gummy and they don't work is there anybody out there that can I can legally buy the stuff from please please please get back with me I am desperate she's bless you please help me

  7. My freind wld love to say hello ,who I will say wld not be here if it where not for the guy who works for marycurey gave him a bottle of oil ,frst thing was his chemo brain stopped after 2 days ,his cancer was gone after a couple of months .,not a claim u can make lightly .thnks

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