Rick Simpson oil – has it been proven to treat cancer?

Rick Simpson oil is a a CBD/hemp oil derived from the Cannabis plant. It has been used for years to treat conditions such as cancer and chronic pain.


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  2. RSO is high THC, not the same as CBD oils. I have used and made RSO for years,it really does everything they say it does including curing cancer, but go to the source to learn about it and how to make it. Rick Simpson

  3. THe reason why people are not making an effort to make their own cannabis oil is because it is ilegal where they live. THe alternative would b move to a free state where it is legal, or go to Canada for a period of time, ot simply get one of those cannabis doctor to prescribe a permit, buy the weed and a rice cooker with the right alcohol to prepare the medicine in a legal way adn forget depending on that CBD waste of money

  4. IT is clear stated that the cancer that Simpson cured on himself was due to the THC, the videos are in youtube. However, since 2015, people has been mislead in what concerns cannabis oil. RIck SImpson's oil is 100% THC , when I contacted the "sources" I was told to dismiss the idea of DBD when it came to cancer treatment. CDB helps for certain sickness but not all.

    In Colorado they began to give credit to CBD During the summer of 2015, and it spread like wild fire it was easier to market as it is not a "Controlled substance" as THC which falls into the same category as heroine or cocaine when it comes to the law in the USA. THC is supposed to do the "magic trick " on any sickness, probably also on corona virus, but the massive marketing on the CBD has deceived most people and mislead them on this subject. The basic treament with THC is about three months. THose serious about the treatment must not depend on "Dispensaries", but should learn to cook it themselves. That is why having a permit or license to get cannabis is number one priority or move to a free state where it is legal. Dispensaries or DOctors dealing with cannabis do not believe in it s healing properties, they think is cool to sell it as a "Recreation" drug and when it is prescribed to a "Cancer" patient, the idea is for the patient to smoke it and literally "die high" ( better than nothing). Do not even go there with any of these cannabi Doctors to suggest to them that cannabis could heal, they will laugh at you, they didnt spend a fortune in medical school to allow cannabis to get away with the applause. So let it sink in your research-mind: THC is the key and not CBD..

  5. Your research is vague at best and very misleading. You probably work or support  big pharma industry. Because my research has found that There are countless success stories of those who were terminally ill with cancer and were given weeks to live and no hope by their oncologist, and did turn to Rick Simpson oil and are now years free of cancer due to this oil. There are many medical papers that have shown that high levels of THC KILLS CANCER. My mother has stage four liver cancer and after being subjected to the big pharma barbaric treatment of chemo therapy, we watched her wither away after every treatment. Her blood work never shown any improvement. However after the first two weeks of using Rick Simpson Oil(which is not a CBD)her blood work revealed a drop in cancer cells. The oncologist was shock!! The very first words out of her mouth was not(Look the chemo therapy is working your blood count is down) These were NOT the first words out of her mouth to my mother, nor did she mention chemo being the treatment that is the reason for the drop in cancer cells. What she did say was I quote, "Margarethe, what are you doing differently?? I can't believe this but your caner blood count is down" there are numerous testimonials around the world of people who have eliminated their cancer tumors by using Rick Simpson Oil, and there are many medical papers which also support.

  6. Watch RUN FROM THE CURE , when you are sent home by the doctors with no hope ,Rick Simpson Oil is what you try ,what i like is that he is not selling it ,he gives his info on how to make for free .

  7. Rick actually says CBD is half arss and needs THC along with it, in a full spectrum extraction to get the best medical effects. Your video is full of misinformation, you should take it down. Disliked

  8. Rick Simpson oil is a a THC Oil derived from the Cannabis plant. It has been used for years to treat conditions such as cancer and chronic pain & a host of ailments. This is how it should read…

  9. I believe you have been mislead. Rick Simpson has showed how to make your own oil using cannibus. His true website is under phoenixtears. He has helped lots of people. Your message is also very misleading without researching the proper Rick Simpson oil.. Make it yourself

  10. RSO is to make $$$ by claiming it is a special way to extract cancer curing chemicals from marijuana plants. There's nothing special about the process. Those who have cancer are being targeted by false claims that RSO if not used could mean that they had bypassed THE cure.

  11. If you go to the phoenixtears.ca website you will see that I am not in the position to supply this medication to anyone. In reality all we are supplying is the information needed which will allow most people to produce their own high quality medicinal cannabis extracts that are non addictive and harmless in nature, but unlike chemotherapy and radiation they do not present a danger or kill the patient being treated.for many years now it has been a proven fact that the cannabinoidTHC is very effective in the treatment of cancer and several other serious medical problems.

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