PTSD sufferers could lose access to medical marijuana

marijuana to treat post traumatic stress disorder… will lose their right to smoke it .. if a local psychiatrist has his way. he’s petitioned the state to remove p-t-s-d …


  1. My brother has been using marijuana since he returned home from Iraq with PTSD in 2010 and it has done nothing but make him worse. He's paranoid, his short term memory sucks, he's illogical, irrational, has sudden violent outbursts over the smallest things, and he's a compulsive liar. He wasn't this way before. I don't have a problem with legalizing marijuana, but stop the BS that it's suddenly a treatment or cure for everything on the planet. It's very misleading and not right to tell people who need real treatment.

  2. YES … WAR is a trauma.. no human was made to KILL DESTROY & MAME another .. veterans returning form these WARS that nobody wants , but rich government fat cats & military industrial assholes. CANNABIS helps these people forget.. there are too many suicides from traumatized people returning from WARS.. WAR is a TRAUMA .. cannabis helps.

  3. Another petty tyrant, just trying to control others. I don't think people are stupid enough to support his petition.
    Cannabis has proven to be the safest medicine known to man.

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