Power to the Patients! (ep.2) Top 20 Medical Cannabis Facts

Cannabis cures cancer – and that’s only the beginning! Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, so in no particular order, here’s 20 of the best …


  1. Evidence – CBD grows new cells (Neurogenesis) in the brain (Hippocampus) . CBD counteracts the effect of THC . Low amounts of CBD in Sativa suggest that Marijuana is Stimulant . Large amounts of CBD in Indica suggests that the brain drains sections to focus on growing new cells . Results – Marijuana is Healthy for the developing brain . https://youtu.be/aWXuaMXfbJA

  2. thank you dr utter…as one who has ms i have been greatly harmed by conventional ms meds… however, i have no idea where to get medical grade cannabis oil…. 🙁
    i thank you for all the links…

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