Outdoor marijuana grow!! NORTHERN LIGHTS AUTOFLOWER

Yooo man what’s going on rookie grower. Just a quick update for you all on this plants progress. She’s doing amazing if I do say so myself.


  1. After seeing your videos,I got some confidence about posting vids on YouTube so I'll be posting my first vid on a autoflower grow I j started/first grow/I got two blackberry autoflowers from fast buds so this should be 🔥.your northern lights be getting me hyped up on momma

  2. Hey next year instead of planting autoflowers plant photoperiod plants on March 1st or at least before 420 so you can have big plants and put them on that spot where you say your plants get shade I grow my plants in the shade and they grow perfect one thing that I deal with is mold because in the morning their is a lot of dew and the sun doesn't dry my nugs completely so I put a bag over my plants, and recommend you get more autoflowers right now man and plant them right away I just planted my 1st autoflowers and are 1 day old today, trust me you just got to keep planting beans. Order from seedsman they are cheap you can find 10 autoflowers for $22 or fastbuds is having a promo 5+5 for 40. Watch topshelfgrower man I learned a lot from him he keeps it real i even stopped germinating in paper towel and plant in straight dirt or jiffy pellets because of him

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