NORML & Slightly Stoopid for Marijuana Legalization: Yes on I-502 and Amendment 64 – NORML and Slightly Stoopid have teamed up to raise awareness for the marijuana legalization initiatives going …


  1. Hot Damn!!!!! Legalize, but legitimize. Pot is still going to be demonized and stigmatized and looked down on by cops and people that don't know any better because of lack of education.

  2. I just visited Europe for the first time in 2011, of course including Amsterdam. When we finally do legalize cannabis in the U.S. (which it isn't in the Netherlands), I predict that we'll be eating their lunch, pot-tourism-dollars-wise. I look forward to it.
    If every pot smoker, and everyone who knows a pot smoker and doesn't think they belong in jail for it, were to pay dues to NORML or MPP or any such group, we'd get there really soon.

  3. Although I advocate marijuana legalization, are these initiatives intended to truly legalize marijuana similar to alcohol and cigarettes, or are they more along the lines of decriminalization? What are the polls indicating about their chances of passing? Also, do what each of these initiatives propose involve violation of federal laws,… that will, at least, require the federal government to relax their enforcement of those laws for these proposals to be implemented?

  4. This isn't going to happen.. I have to be the only realistic one here and say that too much money has been put into making it illegal and keeping it that way for it to change… it's a start though. It's just going to have to be many little changes before this BIG change can occur

  5. I don't like the bills, it is kind of like a choice between shit and diarrhea. What do you choose? As a medical patient I can choose to drive or not, but on the other hand my homies will not go to jail. Oh what to do, what to do!

  6. We tried last year, Prop. 19, narrowly failed as Big Alcohol spent big bucks.
    (I never saw any anti-19 advertising, they didn't waste their money in the SF Bay Area.)
    We haven't given up.

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