Nick Thune: Good Guy – Legal Weed – Uncensored

Nick Thune describes his first step down the road to becoming a good guy: buying marijuana legally. Watch more from Nick Thune: Good Guy on …


  1. I feel the same way about this guy as I do about Conor oberst or Jeff Davis from Harmontown. I think they are talented entertaining and I would hate them if I knew them personally

  2. When weed was only legal for medical purposes and went to get my medical card, the guy in the front desk suggested what illness I could make up to qualify. Gotta love California <3

  3. Never heard of this guy. Showed up on a playlist from Doug Benson. This guy is a good comedian! His story telling ability is great and he moves around in a friendly manner for his height. i am impressed. I do hope the dog was alright, i would have encourages expulsion (a nice word for clearing the system)

  4. Totally not funny.. don’t feel sorry for him.. it took me 5 minutes to figure out out how to say he’s not funny.. but I cared enough to figure it out because it was a big waste of time

  5. Man his wife sounds like a total bitch. The dog got into his backpack and ate it. It wasn't like he intentionally gave it to him or left it out in an easily accessible spot. I mean damn mistakes happen. If she's being this rude and physically abusing him over a dog accidentally eating an edible imagine what happens when something actually terrible happens.

  6. I normally am a positive commenter and I watch a lot of comedy online but this it's just too sad to see such narcissistic white destruction being acclaimed by ppl who have no idea of what's going on. Some ppl are surrounded by good ppl/things but are incapable of appreciating anything nor anyone they have around them. Truly feel sorry for that poor dog and for the family and hopefully no innocent kids to destroy have been brought into this….

  7. Ive never had a eatable. I learned something from comedians.
    If you are going to eat a delicious weed brownie/cookie. have a bunch if regular brownies/cookies near by.

    because high.. you might think. eh.. one more bite and before you know it you will have eaten it all.

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