My Ulcerative Colitis Story CBD CANNABIS Oil saved my life ..

This is my story on being diagnosed with “Ulcerative Colitis” . I’ve been suffering with this disease for years since 2013 I WILL BE uploading more videos every …


  1. Thanks for sharing, my man.
    I have been diagnosed 10 years ago. 22yrs now. Still no real meds dat work apart from cortisone, which wrecked my body.
    I now exactly what you're talking about.
    I'm looking into CBD-Oil now…
    And I really like how you just did your thing, eating in the vid. Very authentic. 😂
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You da man.

  2. Hello mate. My son has uc he is 14 . We have tried everything to help him . He is currently on mezalamazine oraly and other things .. nothing seems to be helping him vegan diet dairy free hes on an elemental diet right now through a feeding tube .its an amino acid diet , so his colon can rest . The hospital keep pushing infliximab. Im trying my best not to go down that route with him . I have today just made him some 1 to 1 ratio in cacao oil supository enemas . As he is too young to be stoned , i know you dont get high when you take thc rectaly . Do you know anything about this or have you any advise for my lad. Hope you reply . And im inspired by your story . Thanks

  3. Hey, thank you for sharing this! I have been recently diagnosed with severe UC and everyday it's getting worse. I'm refusing to take any immune suppressors and trying to the more natural way. What I would like to know if anyone can help me is how many MG of CBD are you talking a day? 100,500,1000?

  4. Thank you for sharing your story I am going through the exact thing now.i was diagnosed when I was 17 and I am 26 now. I just started humira and cannabis oil in may of this year. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and they wanted to take out my colon but with cannabis oil my inflammation levels went down to where I didnt have to do surgery. I live in Georgia so they havent made it legal to get any other cannabis products except the oil but there's a catch. We can have the medically prescribed oil but there's not a legal way to get it 🤦🏽‍♀️. Things are suppose be changing soon so we can have legal access to it but it wont b until april 2020. I hope it comes soon because I am out of cannabis oil and humira isn't doing a damn thing. Thank you again for sharing.

  5. After remicade cause psoriasis for me, i made the switch to cbd/thc oil, for me the change was night and day. From diarrhea, to no appetite, to being 30lbs underweight, everything flipped with marijuana

  6. hello bro, thanks for your video, I've got ibd for 3 years. i have two questions 1 should we stop medicine,or I should use marijuana and medicine together? 2 i use marijuana tea! does it work? if no , how should i use marijuana, thank you bro.

  7. Thanks for sharing. My doctor refuses to admit that CBD did what his prescriptions couldn’t. Bled for 7 years straight with no remission. I tried CBD oil with a small amount of THC in it (10:1) and within 3 weeks, no more blood. I used to smoke weed about 15 yrs ago but when I tried this CBD oil, the little THC in it buzzed me and I really didn’t like the feeling so I decided to take it just before bed and besides feeling groggy for 10 minutes when I wake up, there is no other side effects that I can notice. It has also stopped my stress/anxiety in its tracks. And I seem to have more energy at work. No more bleeding, no more anxiety, no more alopecia areata, and the doctors say that what I’m doing will not work. 🖕every doctor that refuses to admit that they are drug dealing marionettes for the pharmaceutical giants.

  8. Do you just take one droplet of the oil per day? or more than that. And how often do you do it, just once per day? And when do you do it, in the evening or morning?. Also, how much CBD does it contain? In my country, the range goes from 500 mg (milligram), 1000 mg, 10%; 1500 mg, 15% and 2000 mg and so on. I don´t suffer from colitis, but have had a bit of IBS, but nothing major, it is still annoying though, I mostly suffer from bloating and sometimes a bit of stomach crmps. And so happy to hear that it has helped you, I have met quite a few number of people, whoose life has been destroyed from either crohns or colitis.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been battling UC on and off since 2011. Recently I’ve had a flair up and decided to research CBD and watched your whole video. What would you suggest the best CBD oil to get?

  10. Hey thank you for sharing your story I've had UC since the age of 10 years old but I just recently discovered medical cannabis and so far it has helped tremendously my question is to you what was the side effects of stopping your prescription medication if you did do that you know you like how did you feel did you go through any withdrawals ? Thank you 🙂

  11. Thanks for sharing your story. I have UC since 2009…10 years. Started CBD oil without THC a couple of months ago. Starting to see a difference. Still taking meslamine meds and others. May slowly stop if I notice improvements. Inspirational video brother you give me hope!

  12. Thank you for sharing! I’m also from the Bay Area and have been dealing with UC for 7 years. Have tried all kinds of diets of course nothing works 100%. You’re on point when you talk about how it affects the family it’s torn mine. Can you please tell me how long you were on the 1:1 ratio before you went to smoking and the 22:1 that you show in the video? Thanks again I feel brand new hope.

  13. Watching this blows my mind, your story is similar to mine. Since 2015 I’ve been dealing with what doctors tell me “ their not sure, but best guess it’s my immune system” years have been going by with no results from the doctors and it’s gotten worse. When my flare ups happen I don’t get the bleeding, but I get bad joint flair ups which is why i originally thought I had arthritis problems. I’m at the stage in my story where I’m on google bro. And I’m just amazed by what I’m finding. All the symptoms of chyrons disease but with the added arthritis flare ups along with the IBD symptoms. I’ve just started using cbd oil and I’m doing better. I’m able to eat and not be afraid of having to run to the bathroom 50 times a day. But since I’ve been using this cbd oil and smokin cannabis during flare ups and it’s way better. But it’s expensive and my doctors can’t seem to give me any answers and I’m tired of living like this. What’s a guy gotta do to get them to just listen to my symptoms and what I’ve found online that’s helping. 3 hrs online searching google and i found out what years of tests that doctors have tried. Idk what to do bro. I live in Manitoba, Canada. 27/M

  14. Just started smoking weed 2 days ago and my nausea isn’t as bad. I also feel like super chill and you’re my inspiration to eat a Taco Bell Taco even just one when I start to feel better man!

  15. I wonder if it okay to take with the medicine (lialda) . Is anyone taking it with Medicine, or you first stop the medicine and just try the oil. My son is doing SCD diet, so i hope with diet and CBD oil he’ll get better.

  16. I’m 26, diagnosed with UC when I was 23, worst three years. I 100% agree and suggest anyone with doubt to look into CBD. I lived through your story, every experience. I tried CBD and within ONE DAY, I noticed a solid stool. First time in a year that had happened. I will never look at any other pharma drug. CBD ONLY. Thank you for your voice. Later bruh

  17. Thank you for the video. While my case is mild, my doctor recently recommend a immunosuppressant drug to take because of a recent flare after being a year in remission. I'm from Toronto and cannabis only recently was legalized. Have burned socially for years to have a good time but never got into CBD or its oils. I'm going to try this. Will get back to you.

  18. Dude this is the video ive been needing to see. Im 17, had crohns since 4. At first my doc put me on prednisone for guess what? 4 fkn years. Youre not supposed to be on that shit for even a year. But 4? Thanks to that my growth has been substantially stunted as now i am just 5 ft and look like a 10 yr old. Its embarrasing being treated as a "smaller" kid as a teenage girl.

    Anywho…lately ive been mostly symptom free although i have a flare. Ive been on every medication in the book, even those painful bs humira shots. Now taking stelara and company, with NO SYMPTOMS despite having loose stools (not diahrea) about 2 or 3 times a day, my doctors are recommending surgery. I smoke weed recreationally for fun and have noticed every time i smoke, my stool is pretty much formed and there is no rush to go to the bathroom. I felt like a normal human being after smoking weed. This was why i started getting into the medical aspect of it all because theyve been an amazing experiences every time. One of my blood tests showed that my inflammatory markers were like 1200 and after that test is when i started smoking more frequently. Then i had another test about a month later and the markers went down to 600. Hmm i doubt the medication just so HAPPENED to start working between those times. No, it was the cannabis.

    Since THC is hard to come by at my age, i have 1000mg CBD oil. I just recently got it and i am still trying to figure out the right dosage. I usually do 2-4 drops 2 or 3 times a day? But it hasnt had the same effect as the THC. It does work in some aspects such as insomnia and a bit with going to the bathroom, but whats missing is the THC!

    Im tired of trusting my doctor and i am dreading the thought of having surgery. Why give up my colon if it doesnt hurt me? Why give up something that doesnt even bother me? Yes the medications arent working but the THC is the only thing that helps. What do you think i should do or say to my doctor to assure her that this actually freaken works for me?! Theres no way in hell she would ever recommend cannabis. Please any advice would help.

    (Btw yes i dont keep the thc and cbd a secret from my mom!)

  19. Thank you ! My doctor is on the fence of RA or ulcerative colitis. I believe you. I will try what you say. From Oklahoma who struggles. Nature vs. pharmaceutical.

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