1. it may be the answer next year is to veg them out at home and then flower them outside, i did it with a cheese auto at the beginning of the year, it had enough time to flower propally under the sun

  2. its been a realy shitty ending to the season. im still holding out for a late warm period , like 3 weeks of sun . im fighting the mold also. not sure if im winning or loosing. but i finaly mooved all the plants under cover. gonna kill the males soon , if you want any pollen. let me know and ill pop the heads in a parcel/letter. same for you paddy .

  3. Dude, I struggled to finish autos under poly back in early August. They were sound but even though I picked the highest most mold resistant seeds I could find they still responded to the high humidity (worse under cover) and made very sparse fox-tailing sort of bud. Three nice big girls only got me ~24g waxy bubble at very most.

    It's tough in UK. Wishing you all the best for next time. Never accept defeat.

    Gets you out the house. And outside the shitstym.

    Don't take my negativity to heart. To quote Morrissey "I'm from further north than you".

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