1. good job man. looking beautiful. definitely got some tips for a first-time grower you're in the stage of veg where the plants can tolerate 300-400 parts per million PPM so get yourself a PPM meter and start mixing your water in a 5 gallon bucket with the following ingredients . first of all you want it to be pure spring water. the plants love that . start with that as a base . then add … I would say put 2.5 gallons of water into a 5 gallon bucket with with a air pump, bubbling air stone system, so that the water stays nice and alive. and that the nutrients you add to it become living and activated. so you're going to put a pinch of good Himalayan salt, and you can order the best Himalayan salt on Mountain Rose Herbs, and some of these things I'm telling you about on Mountain Rose Herbs. and also put crystal energy in the water . and this is all intuitibe. you're not adding too much as to make the PPM higher than 400 . you're just adding enough to add the nutrients into the water. the Himalayan salt has 92 known minerals , and unknown minerals as well. it's very beautiful to put in the water and bubble it with stones . and then you got crystal energy from phi sciences which Patrick Flanagan developed to make water very hydrating. and then you've got adya Clarity in the water, and only a little bit. you don't want more ppm's than 400. adya Clarity is black Mica extract which makes the water very hydrating with good uptake of all usable minerals. and this is just the base. so you got the bubbling water stone system going and then you're going to add in oatstraw, nettle, horsttail, ( high silica herbs great for vegging) schizandra berries, (plant immune system boosting) kelp and goji berries in small pinches so that the PPMs don't exceed 400 parts per million. Then you will be giving your plants some amazing nutrition that activates their cellular life and activates their Consciousness in a way that they hadn't experienced before and that no other plants grown by other growers are experiencing! Also put spirulina in there. When you take these yourself you activate in ways that you had not known before in your brain and in your Consciousness and in your psychology and body . you start to activate your real spiritual DNA cells. And likewise happens in the plants when they get this kind of extra secret special nutrition! enjoy!

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