MPs argue about the legalization of marijuana (cannabis) in the UK

The legalization of cannabis is debated in the House of Commons. Matt Hancock, MP for West Suffolk, and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, takes …


  1. Why is Matt Hancock such a mug. Just legalise the whole thing just because a couple people get psychosis, who normally have already existing mental illness or issues, means no one can use it. People drink themselves to death daily and smoke tobacco relentlessly. These poor kids need it as a medicine and all they do is elongate these “trials” to suppress the idea of legalisation. Legalisation would reduce crime as cannabis is a main contributor to gangs and criminals so why don’t we take the profit from the criminals and pump it into our economy? It can also be used to create things such as clothing, structures, candles etc. Most importantly it can be used to treat horrible health issues such as epilepsy, cancer, anxiety and many more. It’s time we reform our archaic laws from as far back as 1928, which is pre World War 2 and this country has changed massively from then. Do the right thing and legalise the herb!

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  3. More needs to be done to push the legalisation of weed by those who want it legalised. These clowns aren't going to do anything unless a huge amount of public pressure is put on them to do so.

  4. A plant that existed before humanity, society and government. How can a law or legislation be passed on a naturally occurring plant? It would be ridiculous to criminalize plants that are dangerous like foxgloves, hemlock or poison berries.

  5. 31:55 listen to this dumb bitch, 188,000 deaths attributed to alcohol & tobacco annually. There is nothing else to say, how can you justify a literal poison and cancer causing substance to be legal. Oh but there so concerned with the pSyCHoSiS. They no fuck all but they decide for millions of us, and everybody seems to be fine with that in this ‘democracy’

  6. Soon they’ll drop dead and we’ll get some mp’s with brains. There is nothing justifiable about keeping cannabis illegal when alcohol & tobacco isn’t.

  7. Cannabis is categorised as a class B drug because it doesn’t have any medicinal benefits. Yet here is the health secretary admitting it can be prescribed by certain doctors. Clearly it is wrongly classed as a drug and should be legalised. There is no question about it in my mind.

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