Mobility scooter Throttle pot Repair

Step by step instructions on how to replace a faulty throttle pot on a mobility scooter. If you SUBSCRIBE and LIKE we will answer any question you have.


  1. thank you for all your video help. Can you tell me how to get the boot ( needs to be replaced) down from the tiller on a Golden Companion GC340. I have researched everywhere to find out how and have had no luck . I would be grateful. Thank you !

  2. Hi I have a Phoenix 3 scooter and it has stopped working I have brand new batteries and it shows the power lights are on but it will not move I've made sure to pull the lever to engage but still nothing its showing Full charge I get No beeps sounds at all. Even when pulling reverse there's no sound what can I check please?

  3. Lovely video 🙂
    That variable resistor / potentiometer or "throttle pot" 😳 (if someones interested ~£1 on ebay from many sellers) got holes in terminals they are there for a reason (THT)

  4. Cheers pal. I wish I'd seen this video of yours before I had to re set the pot on my scooter. I managed ok eventually, but what a bugger getting the wig-wag thing central. Borrowed one of my sons long Allen keys that fitted into a 6mm socket driver/spinner. Made life so much easier. I put a new pair of motor brushes in last week after watching one of your videos on that. One of em had a broken spring.That was causing the problem. The carbon on both was not bad. No where like the one you took out. Ages ago at work, I had a drill that was sparking like hell and only just got at that in time before it knackered the commutator. There was a smidgen of carbon left. Thanks for the video. Most helpful.

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  6. I put a new scooter controller on my scooter and now it runs forward but with the beeping noise on and when it's in reverse no beeps and it goes hard out. Can you tale me what's going on please

  7. I bought me a throttle pot but I didn't"
    Need to adjust it I just
    Installed it & used wire clamps to connect mine
    It"s been over a year since I replaced mine.
    It runs Like a top

  8. These videos are such a brilliant resource for people trying to maintain a mobility scooter for a relative or friend that either don’t have access to a local service center or funds to have full professional overhauls done. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Keep up the great how to videos.

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