Medical marijuana card-holder’s possession arrest sparks outrage

Jamie Wilson, 48, was arrested Nov. 1 by a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper in Daviess County for marijuana possession and child endangerment.


  1. Pennsylvania,  on 8/24, literally busted my doors down for a controlled buy of 30g or less….
      Warrant was from a controlled buy, having a family member calling me for 3 consecutive days, begging me and harassing me to hook him up with an ounce of my personal….they used that to bust my doors down and literally STEAL 6yrs worth of rare and exotic varieties that I DESPERATELY NEED for medicinal purposes, and have for past 30yrs. As well as ALL my familys hands on cash, around 4k…..nothing to do with my weed…..
       After pandemic hit and we all lost our jobs, I was desperate to find a means of survival. If the dollar fails, my family will NEED food and necessities . If there is a food shortage, my family NEEDS food….i BETTER have something worth trading and bartering, as there will b no other way……and I admit, when I lost my job and lost 10 months in wages from my private contracting business….I decided it might be a good idea to learn hydroponics….i bought peas, various beans and other viney vegetables,  as well as 2 cannabis plants and  a few small HEMP plants, in propogation…less than.03% thc.
    Im facing 15-to 30yrs in prison and IF IM LUCKY, I might get a plea deal of 5-10yrs, because of my past record…..
         I havent been in trouble AT ALL or on parole since my LAST pot arrest,  in 2010…where the state did same exact thing, pinching a best friend,  who turned informant, who uses me to get out of trouble…this is 4th time in 30yrs…purposely perpetrated and victimized me and my family….
    I am all but 50yrs old now. This has been my life story. It HAS TO STOP. Wasting time, money and resources for an ounce of weed is and should be, ILLEGAL….
      I have NOTHING left to loose. And am willing to fight to the point where I am heard, loud and clear.
       I need YOUR help to make an amazing change in PA laws and or policy in accordance to Recreational Marijuana. I am currently a state registered Medical marijuana patient and will soon have my case in the courts and am very interested in filing a civil suit against the state for purposeful coercion to commit a crime of desperation in the midst of a pandemic. Im an old man who sits at home like a good citizen and smokes pot….I did NOTHING WRONG until they manipulated me, through a family member, and had him beg me for 3 dayz, taking FULL ADVANTAGE of my mental, Psychological , and Financial desperation , extorting me into committing a crime,  that i NORMALLY would NOT have committed, otherwise….that ALONE, should be illegal….not to mention that they beleived they were going to find Narcotic  drugs and ONLY found my personal weed, as thats ALL I've done since 2007…..
      Im ALSO, a RARE success story, as I am a HEROIN and Cocaine addict, clean from ALL NARCOTICS since July 2007….never once relapsed , and I owe a great deal of gratitude   and ALL that I am today, because I found FREEDOM in Marijuana…..I have an AMAZING story, bding a victim on the war on drugs. The legal system has destroyed and taken 30 years of my life……I AM NOT GOING TO ALLOW IT TO CONTINUE….Im making a stand. Im sick and tired of being oppressed and unable to get a GOOD paying job, all my adult years. Im sick and tired of the decades of life ordered to be spent in prison due to an addiction to drugs i did NOT create, nor have means to transport those drugs across borders and be sure to infect the mssses of innocent victims to highly addictive drugs along with even more money being made on prosecution of war on drug, cases. I am our poorest citizen class. My life has been working to pay off fines and costs to the state…NEVER RESTITUTION, as all drug crimes are victimless crimes, unless involving death…but that is NOT marijuana related, at all…
      I need your HelP to be heard. I need attorneys, willing to fight the state in Franin County PA. I need an attorney who knows the science of marijuana and botany….i need press. I need citizen support.  I need Pro- advocates for marijuana reform. I need in touch wit NORML's PA chapter and get a team together to utilize my case to conveniently access the courts to push the Pro-recreational agenda.
      What I did is technically federally illegal….and is far from the level of Federally ILLEGAL manufacturing and distribution happening at over 27 facilities across the PA state….
        if im guilty of anything, it is manufacturing 2 cannabis plants without a state license and sale of 30 grams or less , without a caregiver registration….both are 500$ fines….to establish this very realistic outcome,  would set a new precedent in how future marijuana cases are handled in PA courts.
       Thank you for taking the time to hear my message and I will forever pray for your support and help in networking with the right people so we can seriously begin to make a legal difference in this state……after all, what is life worth if you don't stand up and fight for your rights….my 1st and 4th Amendment Rights were definitely violated, whats to say that tomorrow,  the might not turn around and do the same exact thing to another victim or yourselves,  for that matter. This could easily happen to you. Im willing to be the face and voice to INSURE it does not happen to you , or anyone, ever again.
      Please, everyone and anyone that is willing to help in anyway, wether u have referrals, contact information,  resources, events and volunteer work, or if you are in a  similar situation, I would love to hear from you…..
    My contact info is:

  2. the government has been using marijuana to keep jail cells full, and thats the only reason it has stayed on the books for over 90 years. just think of all those lawyers and police and doctors we won't need, once it has become fully legal unlike this farce they are currently calling legality!. frankly it wouldn't surprise me if after a while they don't try to arrest everyone, who has some interest in it along with all the cannabis lovers in jail!.

  3. At the end when they say they have to determine if he can use his medical marijuana on bail…like wtf that would be like saying we will determine if you can use insulin while on bail, its his medicine and its legal

  4. It just goes to show you , you can be arrested for being lawful , because they keep making this laws were people could say we i think its interpreted this way so your guilty.

  5. The funny thing is is he paid taxes on that to get it the taxes paid the pig salary just like when you go to the head shop and buy a pipe put the pipe on your dashboard Never Smoke if you get pulled over every time pigs suck

  6. Neil Schloss from NJ, was the store for cannasense, he was arrested with 808 energy drinks 3,489 pill bottles containing raw marijuana (high-grade designer marijuana) 488 bags of assorted edible THC products (hemp gummies, trail mix, honey bars, jolly rockets and more) 2,144 vials of THC oil384 jars of THC powder122 jars of THC ointment 27 bottles of THC medical cream 7 boxes of massage oil 40 jars of relief balm3 boxes of dog biscuits 26 boxes of PMS relief 85 jars of marijuana wax 31 jars of bath salts21 boxes of THC pretzels Lowell Smokes.
    There is no other information about the outcome that I could find.

  7. I am sure the anti cannabis people are jumping for joy when medical cannabis users are arrested, but the fact is, legal or not, if you want cannabis, you can get it no matter where you are and no matter how much is confiscated.

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