1. How can you get the oil needed for the cure? My mother has 5 tumors in her liver. It is also in her bone, lungs lymph nodes, and possibly throat and brain. PLEASE HELP!!! Someone let me know where we can find the REAL help we need with the oil. 713-248-0149

  2. Why would the doctors want to heal people!! they would be out of work.They are very cold people.There meds is much worst it kills people faster and makes them suffer..When my wife was dying and the doctors said who cares.I learn Homeopathic Meds fast.Took her off all 10 of her meds ,put her on Homeopathic meds ,hemp oil and the hemp healing cream for pain.The results were incredible,how fast she came back to life.Should have seen the faces of the doctors at the pain client..More later

  3. @chrychek spot on! they wanna kill us on their prescriptions/drugs, and most of us don't even ask the harmful effects/consequences of what they're giving us..Hemp is probably the strongest fiber in this world..and GOD gave that to us, He gave us the cure already, but we don't even know it, because some other people want to take that away from us, and earn from us, at the same time, slowly killing us..it's time to spread the awareness! to spread the truth, and set us free.

  4. yeah we are in WAR against drugs(pharmaceutical drugs, that is!) this is the cure, the cure that GOD had given us..and what do people do to it? they make it illegal..because of money/greed! for more info, watch the Rick Simpson story here in youtube, and open up your mind, and absorb what is useful..thanks for this video.

  5. "In practical terms, marijuana cannot induce a lethal response as a result of drug-related toxicity"
    "Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man"
    "..judge concludes that the provisions of the Act permit and require the
    transfer of marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II"
    Francis L. Young 1988 (after extensive hearings)
    DEA Administrative Law Judge

  6. @snoek8 I agree there are a ton of things we are currently using and making that are destroying the earth and everyone on it. Cannabis can make plastics, rope, fabric, houses, cars, lotions, sunscreens, fuel, oil, food (medicine)! and the list is seemingly endless. Consider that denial of safe and effective medicine is killing more people worldwide than all of those other industries combined, and the treatments the medical systems are using are also deadly to humans. This is just disgusting!

  7. @chrychek …he has colorectal cancer stage 4…..mets to liver lungs and stomach…you know me as itinkso crychek!!……he has had constant chemo against my better judgement fo almost 2 years and has tolerated it really well….he has a small amount left in his liver…close to a cure….the docs said he'd be dead by this august…he's a long way from dead…he has an italian onc who believes in the oil…

  8. Kidney functions have been reported to have returned to normal as well with use of hemp oil. If you consider that hemp oil is not a cure as much as it is a nutrient that your body requires for optimum health, and most people are not getting any of it, this helps people to understand why these diseases take hold in our bodies. Research Dr. Bob Melamede on the topic of the endocannabinoid system in mammalian bodies (including humans!)

  9. @MikePresents2 Yeah but you have to take it first. 😉 People with destroyed insides (patients of chemotherapy and radiation) are at a lowered chance of hemp oil or high concentrations of cannabinoids being effective; however, to our knowledge the hemp oil rejuvenates the body so as long as the body is not terribly damaged other body processes that have been deteriorating can potentially return to normal function…. i.e. diabetic patients who no longer require insulin with hemp oil treatment.

  10. @chrychek Yes – That makes sense.
    Also, I'm thinking that THC may have different results on different types of cancer. Another thing may be the individual themselves. (are they more susceptible, live in a toxic environment, self destructive, etc…)
    I had to throw the question out there because blind faith is in of it self a disease (of course THC can help with that also).

  11. @MikePresents2 It's because smoking won't do it. Smoking is shown to prevent lung cancers, but smoking for medicine is like smoking an orange to get viatmin C. The cannabinoids have to be ingested in the purest form, called hemp oil. Smoking destroys the medicine. This is why it is illegal, not because it gets you high… but because it makes you well!

  12. No one should be told what they can and can't do against their will. Not by a corporation (governments), Not by 'the majority' (peer pressure, democracy's) and not by any other individual.
    With that said, I ask this –
    If THC is the cure for cancer, then why do I know 'pot heads' who get cancer?

  13. WOW, this was actually on a news broadcast?!?!?! The truth is really starting to come out now, and the government is going to do EVERYTHING they can do to censor it, hahahaha, good luck…

  14. -No wonder why Dr. Mehmet Oz insisted his kids not take the H1N1 vaccine shot!
    -Edward T. Haslam … "A massive epidemic of soft tissue Cancers (Breast, Prostate, Lymphoma & Melanoma) that erupts in the years following the Polio vaccine (1955 – 1963)."
    You Tube … "A MUST LISTEN! Cancer Conspiracy part 4/15"

  15. This is INCREDIBLE! A legitimate report on a U.S. news channel, and people actually carrying out treatment of terminal patients with cannabis extract medicine. This is going to get really good, really fast…

  16. Spain did human studies and so did Thailand and they cureing agressive cancers why is the US not doing these studies answer they have known sence the 1970"s they make more money on are sickness sad but true

  17. Funny enough in Canada the government is trying to legislate mandatory 6 month jail term for possession of 6 plants or more. Our world is insane and I wonder why we take it. I know hemp oil or weed oil cures cancer and diabetes. I have seen it and experienced it and I tell everyone who is ill with these serious diseases to take responsibility for themselves and heal themselves and many have while others chose to die and allow the medical system poison them to death with mainstream treatments

  18. @silversobe – He is using the indica strain made using all bud… but as i've researched apparently it can be made using shake as well, although people often need to take it longer and ingest more daily to see similar results.

  19. @noxidereus – It's easy enough to grow indoors (apparently) so know one has to know about it. You can produce your own medicine from it quite simply, and this is what the control freak governments and money masters don't like – not just that they won't profiteer of the sick, but that they can't tax something the people don't need to buy.

  20. @noxidereus Clarification: marijuana's illegality is a form of control, not marijuana itself. Research history around the time of Nixon. He started the war on drugs in order to arrest war protesters. I am not a conspiracy theorist. This is all true stuff. America is not free – it imprisons more of it's population (per capita and real number too) than any other country on Earth. We have more prisoners than China does, and most people do not associate China with freedom.

  21. As long as the government keeps marijuana prohibition, you will know for sure that the government is not representing its people. They know that marijuana is non-addictive, is impossible to overdose on, has medical benefits, is far safer than alcohol or even aspirin. We know the government is representing the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries as well as the prison industrial complex and is keeping marijuana illegal because it is a form of control over the population. SICK!

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