1. Well, in fact when you burn a plant, any plant, you get tar and others carcinogens. It's a fact. But not the fact of the weed itself, if you smoke some basil you'll smoke carcinogens too.
    So eat or vaporise your weed, totally harmless in that case 🙂

  2. yea i wrote that when i was high, i was trying to be ironic, haha

    and that lingo means that he eats weed salad every day, i really dont think too intelligently when i'm baked.

  3. Weed is awesome, but ppl that says that pot can't be anyhow addicting are wrong, if ur a stoner ask urself: do you really wanna be high? idk bout you guys, but i find it addicting for me

  4. in my work in chemical dependency I met many teen to young adults who have no ambition at all the trans psychological effects are devastating to ones self worth thus lack of the need to have a life. after yrs of usage many of my clients have lost most of what we talked about heavy loss of memory.

  5. the weed is a lot more damaging to brain and lungs these people are leading you to think. You do not me so you might understand that I am PhD,. yrs of study in many Fields have lead me to the conclusions I share. I have dissected a human brain of a young man of 27. 8 yrs of moderate marijuana usage an it was very damaged. the lungs looked like that of a 60 to 70 yr old. the pathology of drug use in the human society has become ingrained in us so deep we r ling to ourselfs like an addict would

  6. If pot heals us, and chemo kills us and that is ok for the hospitals to use on us, then why is it illegal for us to not get better using pot? Is the gov. trying to kill us off?

    I am at a loss

  7. It may be good for you, but not for the lungs. I also read that pot kills memory cells, so people forget much more after smoking pot. I have noticed that in my friends, I thinik it is funny!
    They forget all the time.
    But one good thing, My moms husband has pancreatic cancer, the Dr gave him 5 months to live, but he smokes pot. and his tumor is getting much smaller, he is eating better he is Getting better

  8. Tobacco can cause caner – Leagal

    Cannabis can help to prevent and even kill certain cancer cells – Illegal

    This is an interesting approach from the government.

  9. Like you said that is your experience. The vast majority of people don't share your experience.

    It's a bit like someone who abuses alcohol and gets liver disease telling everyone that alcohol will ruin your life. In fact for most people will just enjoy a drink and have a good time.

    If alcohol or cannabis ruins your life it's because you failed to be responsible and had no self control. I wouldn't be blaming the cannabis.

  10. This is commen 2 read the one in the baron that's commen 1.
    You should stop smoking and focus your life in something ell… It is gonna be very hard to drop your addition to marijuana but u can do it …. I did but I got scar for life ill never be the same. U won't lie to u like me many people do that upload videos to make u thing marijuana its ok. This is my personal experience … And all I can say to u is IF U CAN STOP SMOKING WEED DO IT BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN HELP YOUR SELF…

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